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5 Weirdest Restrooms in the World

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Bathrooms that make you say…

Back in April, Tradewinds Imports covered 5 of the Weirdest Restrooms in the World. We saw some pretty wacky designs so let’s see if we can take it a step further with 5 MORE of the weirdest restrooms in the world!

Jungle Jim’s Bathroom



So let’s get started with Jungle Jim’s Bathroom located in Fairfield, Ohio. Now to the naked eye, this extraordinary design is often overlooked but take a peek inside and you might think you just discovered a time-portal to the next generation! Jungle Jim’s was made to imitate a port-a-potty. A large corridor leads to the restroom of a 300,000 square foot supermarket. This is a port-a-potty you might actually want to use!

Sega Toylet’s

5 Weirdest Restrooms in the World

Sega Toylet

Now our next selection may create some skepticism. Remember Sonic and Sega? Well, apparently the game console business was not so going well for them so this is what they’ve come up with. The Japanese company Sega has created an interactive urinal video game. You can choose from four games depending on your preference of urinal entertainment!

One example is the Graffiti Eraser where the object of the game is to spray a virtual wall clean of graffiti. The folks at Sega even found a way to make it interesting by creating a system that measures your pee streams force and location of impact!  Intense I know!  With these systems going, you may run into some long lines the next time you need to use the men’s restroom. Sorry to say, it’s only a single player game. Wait your turn!

Fish Tank Toilet

Finding Nemo

Fish tanks have become a desirable luxury in interior design. Oliver Beckert created the Fish Tank Toilet design to fit any standard American bowl. This toilet is fully-functional and features a 1.6 gpf rate.  With a price tag of $1,100, it certainly does liven up the place without sending your bank account into a dive like our next selection!

Dulce and Gabbana’s Gold

5 Weirdest Restrooms in the World

Dolce & Gabbana Gold Bathroom

Any James Bond fans? Located in Milan, Italy, the “Gold” is an A-list restaurant that has hosted stars like Giselle, Kylie Minogue, and Paris Hilton. Featuring golden bamboo lining walls, giant mirrors, and marble counters, the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Room keeps with company tradition by setting the bar of high-end luxury living. And just to make you feel like you are the star of your own Hollywood movie, Goldfinger plays on a constant loop in every stall on plasma screens!


5 Weirdest Restrooms in the World

Stylishly Designed Ipoo

Milos Paripovic created this designer toilet. This PT (Personal Toilet) incorporates the Apple Logo in the shape of the toilet seat. Although it’s actually a really neat design, this toilet is only a rendering and as such is only functional for entertainment purposes! We’d like to see it hit the market someday but Mr. Paripovic is not affiliated in any way with Apple and has no rights to the logo. Apparently, Apple doesn’t want to see its image go down the drain anytime soon!

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