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5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinion

Posted on the 14 July 2017 by David Mark @fastwaystoearn
5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinion

Companies spend millions of dollars to hear what consumers and professionals like you have to say about the product and services you use every day. By giving your Honest opinion and insight. Everbody has an opinion about everything, so in this article am going to show you how you can actually make money online for just sharing your opinions. is a fast and easy way to make money online and you can actually do it with your smartphone or computer. 

1. Testing Website

you can signup for a testing website, testing app, testing product, and more, you are giving user feedback by testing stuff that is usually not out yet. you can start working with, click the button that says Get pay to test and you will start getting paid $10 per test instantly. it goes to your PayPal, so you need a PayPal account.5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinionyour job is to test different website, different App that could come out, different update, different product, etc. you don't have to pay anything to signup or try the stuff, most of the time you can't make full-time income but they make you part time income that can help you pay some bill.

2. Online Survey

we all know about online surveys, there is all kind of app and reward program that do this now, two website that I want to show you is they have been around for a long time and their app is available for both Apple and Android devices. that means you can do this with your mobile phone, they pay you via PayPal or gift card.5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your OpinionAnother one is, is also available for Apple and Android devices. they tell you how much you gonna make per survey before you even do it. 

3. Paid Question Site

this's where you get paid to answer a question, so if you are an expert on any certain type of topic, let say you study a subject in college and you know a lot about that subject or maybe you have done something for years as a hobby. Whatever makes you qualify to answer questions in those filed. you can get paid to do that on justanswer.com5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinionis very similar to Yahoo answer and you can answer a question about all different things like programming, computer & Electronics, Doctors & Nurses, Lawyers, Mechanics and more. You can become a verify expert by signing up,. 

4. Review Sites

there is a different site out there that pay you just for giving a review of any kind of product, basically is like writing a blog post to give a rating and then share it with them what your experiences are. So instead of writing a review on for free, you could do a review on a review site that has a reviews blog and then gets paid to do it there.5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinionthe site that I recommend is, you can review anything like music, movie, tv show, software, electronics, etc, you can review all kind of different stuff and get paid to do it.  

5. Focus Group

A focus group has all kind of different study that people do, and if you like the idea of participating in a study you can get paid $100 to $150 by been part of a focus group. a focus group you could join is focusgroup.com5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Your Opinionyou can join them and start to make money by giving your opinion and insight.that is how you can make money by giving your opinion online, you can visit those site to know more about them before you even signup.

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