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5 Ways GPS Tracking Changes the Way You Do Business

Posted on the 18 July 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

5 Ways GPS Tracking Changes the Way You Do BusinessIf you have GPS tracking for your company’s fleet, you have already seen how much of an impact it can make on a day-to-day basis. Can you even remember what it was like to not know where your drivers were at any given time?

If you don’t already have GPS tracking for your vehicles, you may not even realize how much time and money you can save for your company. Implementing GPS tracking can improve your business on multiple levels, from simplifying daily tasks to improving your bottom line.

1. Gives You Complete Visibility Over Your Fleet

Without GPS Tracking, you are at the complete mercy of your drivers. When you give them a call to see where they are, are they telling the truth? Keep in mind that your drivers don’t always have the same concerns as you, such as raising fuel prices, time constraints, overtime costs, and the hundreds of other worries that run through your head daily. In reality, your drivers could be anywhere, doing anything—on your precious dollar.

GPS Tracking can give you complete visibility of your fleet and in turn,  peace of mind. Simply by logging into FleetMatics’ Live Fleet feature, you can see exactly where all of your vehicles are. No need to waste time by trying to get a hold of your drivers—just simply look at the map and see where your vehicles are at any time.

2. Helps You Realize Potential Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits companies with GPS tracking see is cost savings – in fuel, insurance breaks, overtime pay and more. Companies that do not utilize GPS tracking may be exposing themselves to excessive costs they never knew they could incur.

Reggie Anderson of C. Jones Trucking had found his company tied up in an expensive lawsuit; his employees claimed that the company owed them $120,000 in overtime pay. By law, trucking companies are exempt from paying time-and-a-half for overtime if the vehicles travel out of state. Their employees claimed that they never traveled out of state on the job and were due $120,000 in overtime pay. However, the company maintained that the travel in question was out of state and that it fell under the exemption. “We were able to pull reports for as long as we’ve had the system and it proved that the vehicles were out of state. Therefore, we did not owe the additional wages.  If I didn’t have FleetMatics GPS tracking, I’d be done,” added Mr. Anderson. “Losing that lawsuit would have ruined my business.”

3. Eliminates the Paperwork for You and Your Employees

Although it seems that GPS tracking may initially make some of your employees wary, it’s actually quite the opposite – read our previous post, Drivers and GPS Tracking: Love/Hate Relationship. They appreciate the convenience of vehicle tracking.

Kevin Wolf of Tadd Trucking monitored his drivers for a 30 day period before telling them about the new vehicle tracking system. “Of course, they were suspicious at first. I had to explain the benefits of it, for us as well as them, and they all came around,” says Wolf. “Also, they don’t have to do a time card anymore, so it’s less paperwork for them.” With GPS tracking, your drivers are guaranteed to be paid for the hours that they worked, since Fleetmatics’ Time Card Reports can back up their claims.  

4. Helps Your Company “Go Green”

As a business owner, you feel pressure to cut down on fuel use not only because of rising gas prices, but also because of the “go green” initiative that has grabbed the world’s attention. It is important to find ways to make your gas-guzzling trucks as efficient as possible.

With GPS Tracking, you can make sure that your drivers aren’t wasting fuel and money idling excessively while also spewing unnecessary exhaust into the air. According to the NRDC, exhaust from idling vehicles can accumulate and pose a health risk to employees, drivers, and the community at large. Fleetmatics offers Idling Alerts, which allow the user to set a maximum idling time and be notified when that threshold is crossed. You can make sure your drivers are not giving your company a bad name by polluting the air with excessive idling.

5. Build Trust with the Most Important Part Your Business – Your Customers

Your customers are your number one priority. In order to retain satisfied customers, you have to build a trusting relationship with them. Implementing GPS tracking can make it easy to maintain customer trust. Promote the fact that you have GPS tracking as the Customer Satisfaction tool it is! Customers will be happy that you know where the vehicle is that’s transporting their materials, servicing their home or business, or transporting them from one place to another.

In the service industry, a GPS tracking system can help you find which vehicle is nearest to your customer in case of emergency. J.C. Izaguirre of D.D. Jones knows that GPS tracking is key to retaining customers. “Fleetmatics allows us to use our assets more efficiently; this means we can provide customers with high quality service.”

Are there any other ways that GPS tracking has improved the way that you do business? Let us know in the comment section below.

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