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5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Bariatric Sugery

Posted on the 23 December 2015 by Ayubasad
5 tips to prepare yourself for bariatric sugeryLosing weight through surgery? It’s one life-changing and a critical decision to make. Though you will be elated to reach your ideal weight finally, there are lots of things that you need to do before you go ahead with the surgery. Dr Sharad Sharma, a laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, gives you tips on how you must prepare yourself mentally and physically for bariatric surgery. Check out these benefits of undergoing a weight loss surgery.
Make a list of questions to ask your doctor
It’s important that you know what you are putting yourself through. You will have to make major changes in your lifestyle before and after the surgery. Make sure you do your research. Make a list of questions for your doctor and decide about the surgery after you have all the necessary information. The questions can include the cost of the surgery, what changes will you have to make in your routine, the drawbacks of the surgery, what happens in the surgery, risks involved, etc. Want to lose weight through surgery? Here’s all you need to know.
Accept that you need surgery and convince your family
In India, a lot of people don’t go for the surgery because they are under the common notion that a surgery for weight loss is a cosmetic surgery. Bariatric surgery helps you lead a healthy life and enhances your quality of life. In many cases, women want to go for the surgery, but the family is not very supportive. So you need to make sure that your family is also supportive of your decision to get a surgery. Find out if Bariatric surgery is actually a cosmetic surgery or not.
Be prepared mentally
There are certain foods that you’ll have to stop eating, and you will also have to follow a strict fitness and diet routine. You can’t compromise with either of these things because if you do, there are high chances of you gaining weight than losing it. Start prepping yourself a month or two before the surgery. It will help you stay strong and determined after the surgery too. Check out these reasons that make India the third most obese countries in the world.
Quit smoking and alcohol
Smoking a cigarette before your surgery or even drinking alcohol for that matter, can create complications during surgery. There are high chances of you getting bronchitis or other lung diseases after the surgery, too. If you have any other serious ailments, surgery gets complicated. If you suffer any serious ailments after the surgery, losing weight gets difficult.
Change your lifestyle
If you don’t follow a disciplined lifestyle, you need to start right away. Eat the right food and do the right exercises weeks before the surgery. Once you get used to following a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have problems adjusting to the changes in your diet or exercises post surgery. Here are 19 reasons why obesity is ugly.
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