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5 Tips to Double Your Twitter Followers

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Social media is a great platform promotes your business, stay connected and enhance your brand absolutely at no cost. People use social media these days even without any business! You have a thought or an idea, you just share that. But just think had you had no person to go through your posts, or like them or comment and re-tweet, would you still continue posting them? I don’t think so. So, however important business promotion you might have in hand, it is very important to have a good set of followers.  In this article we will see how you can increase your Twitter followers twice!twitter followersInitially it is important for the followers know who they are following. Design your page efficiently to make it attractive. There should be detailed content about the organization or individual whom people are to follow. The display picture and cover image should be well attuned to your organization or individual.

INVOLVE PEOPLE: Engage people in whichever way possible. Make people participate in activities by using functionalities like retweets, hashtags, conversations etc.

IT’S ALL ABOUT UNIQUENESS: Rock your brain to bring forth innovative ideas to keep them hooked to your page. Make your page public. At times it is a little disturbing with unwanted messages and posts, but to increase your followers, you have to put across your page even to those whom you personally do not know. Your Twitter account should have numerous links available. As such if you post your Twitter account link on other sites, people using those media sites will also come into the exposure of your page. Engage in trending topics like The Oscars, The Olympics when they are happening. This will engage people who do not know your brand. Later they will obviously go through your page for it was the platform he was discussing on.

EASE OF USE: The functions on your page should be easy to use. Complicated system will keep them limited only to tech-savvy users. Also, make your page prominent for news users to locate your page easily.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Initially, do not aim for maximum followers. If you produce quality content, the quantity of followers will eventually increase. You can work to add value to your follower’s knowledge which will support his business motives. This is a great way to attract new users.

FOLLOW THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOU: Make sure to respond to the tweets and retweets of your existing followers. This will make the new interested people see the engagement involved in the page. If you stay in regular touch with your existing followers, you can even ask them for recommendations. You never know, this way you might get hold of a good contact!

To sum up, we see that to increase your Twitter followers you should aim have a substantial group of trusted people who like and share your products, and to establish yourself as a popular figure in the field of your business.

Author Info: Naveen is a young SEO professional, who run and maintain WordPress blog HiTechZilla is all about Tech, SEO related tips, apart from blogging he offer SEO Services.

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