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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Toilet

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

You’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. There are multiple variations in style, shape, and size of toilets out there and you’re not the first to notice it. The cherished commode can be found with different measurements in height and width. Not only that, there are several ways to mount and secure your toilet. Do you know what type of toilet you have?
This can be a surprise when you walk into your local hardware store searching for a simple toilet seat to find out that you have no clue what the dimensions of your toilet are. We’ll save you the headache as well as the embarrassment of your utterly inexcusable lack of knowledge about toilets!

Toilets Come in all Shapes & Sizes

Toilets come in 3 different shapes; Round front (classic), Compact Elongated, and Elongated. Measured from the wall to the tip of the toilet bowls apex, a classic round toilet typically measures 25″-28″ while the elongated version is 29″-21″ with the compact elongated sitting in between these two sizes. When you’re remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to note the dimensions of your toilet so that you leave enough clearance space for optimum functionality in the bathroom.

Compact vs. Elongated Toilets

Image via Mosby Building Arts.

Ever feel like your trip to the toilet was lower than normal? You’re probably not imagining things. Standard toilets have a height of 14″-15″ while new Comfort Height Toilets measure 17-19″. These Comfort Height Toilets are ergonomically designed to accommodate taller individuals and the elderly who have difficulties bending down and issues with flexibility. This new style has become very popular and has almost become more common than the old-fashioned “standard” toilet. Oh how times are changing!

Proper Toilet Posture

Image via Judy Edwards.

Two Piece or One Piece

The two-piece is the most common style of toilet that is found in most homes, although there are several options. The two-piece has a separate tank that is bolted to the bowl while a one-piece integral toilet may be the best choice to save space. You can always go with wall-mounted toilets for a contemporary aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. Last but not least, the tankless toilet is one of the most efficient because they deliver high pressure by utilizing water from a direct line of water. This reduces the amount of water needed for an effective flush!

wall mounted toilet

The Aqualet wall mounted toilet by New Linea. Image via DigsDigs.com.

H20 Efficiency

In recent decades, the United States has made huge strides to reduce the amount of water consumed in American households. Prior to 1995, the average toilet consisted of 30% of a home’s water consumption. After 1996, new toilets were mandated to utilize 1.6GPF or less in contrast to the previous average of 3.5GPF on most toilets.
This has been accomplished by collective advances in technology and the advent of low flush and dual flush toilets. Low flush toilets reduce the amount of water needed to flush contents by taking advantage of the natural forces of gravity along with pressurized air that pushes water through the drain. Dual flush toilets take water conservation in the bathroom a step further by offering patrons two separate buttons for flushing liquids and solids.

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The Fresco Dorado Elongated One-Piece Toilet

The Fresco Dorado Elongated One-Piece Toilet. More info.

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