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5 Style Secrets I've Learned Since Blogging

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

5 Style Secrets I've Learned Since BloggingI was musing over some ways that being a blogger has affected my sense of style and general perspective towards fashion and I've come to understand that fashion goes beyond clothes, shoes and bags. It permeates all areas of life. From the decor at the local bank to the landscape of a city and I thought to share these 5 style secrets:1. There's no need to copy exactly what you see label for label. Style is so diverse and individual that with so much inspiration from media sources such as Instagram and Pinterest you'll find a lot of multiplicity that if you are not grounded in your personal sense of style you'd get overwhelmed. So, getting inspired could mean integrating color schemes, outfit details or trends from a look and not the entire look per se. 2. It's limiting to shop from one source Even if your personal sense of style is quite rigid to a theme, like say, preppy or boho I'd say shop anywhere and everywhere you find good quality pieces. From online international stores, local shops and boutiques to thrift shops it'll give you a richer wardrobe. 3. You must first discover your personal style. It is vital to stay true to yourself. Those who style clothing items beyond how the store mannequin would style such clothes do so because they are in tune with their personal sense of style.4. Do not be a slave to fashion. Paying attention to trends in such a way that you don't feel overwhelmed by it is the key to being a fashionista and not a fashion slave. Incorporating a trend or two each season keeps your outfit fresh and current without causing you to lose your individuality. 5. Wear what you love. I find that styling and fashion have an emotional effect on life and living whether we want to admit it or not. Wearing what comes naturally to you is most important when styling yourself for everyday. A boho chic woman can be as equally stylish as a classic or preppy style woman; and vice versa. There's no need forcing yourself into a style that will not make you smile when you look at yourself in the mirror; even if everybody is wearing it. And it's OK to take forever to contemplate a trend before buying in.
5 Style Secrets I've Learned Since Blogging

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