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5 Spooky Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom This Halloween!

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be searching for just perfect idea that will take your scare to the next level! Capture the priceless expressions of your friends and family members when they enter your spooky bathroom! Let a mischievous grin creep across your face when your friends ask, “Do you mind if I use your restroom?”

Decorating your bathroom can catch many people off guard. It’s normal to see Halloween decorations on the exterior of a home and even in common areas like the living room and kitchen. Few venture into the dungeons of the bathroom in an attempt to achieve some extra fright during the Halloween Season! Think outside of the box and try one of these 5 Spooky Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom this Halloween!

1. Bloody Bath Mat

Bloody Bath Math for Halloween Decoration!

Nothing evokes more fear than the sight of blood for many. Whether it’s fake or not, the pure thought of blood will give your guests the goose bumps as they wash up with an extra eye peeled for anything out of the ordinary! Imagine the thoughts running through your head; Whoever stepped out of the bathroom was bleeding profusely. The question remains, where did their footsteps disappear to! Run!

2. Spider Egg Sacs

DIY Halloween Spider Egg Sac

Petrify your friends when they open the door to find these home-made creations hanging in your bathroom! This is a ghastly and inexpensive scare that you can turn into a Halloween DIY project with your kids. All you will need is a foam egg, white batting, white stocking, creepy plastic spiders (the bigger the better), pushpins, and a glue gun! You can find the full instructions here.

3. Toilet Monster

Halloween Decoration Ideas: Toilet Monster!

Now this next decoration idea is sure to scare the bejeebers out of your guests this Halloween. While your friends may be expecting you to pop out of a hidden spot, they will never expect this surprise when they are “all alone” in the bathroom! This creative Toilet Monster has hands that attach to the underlining of the toilet seat. When the seat is opened, the monster pops out of nowhere! You can find this cool Halloween decoration here.

4. Magic Toilet Paper Hands

Fun Halloween Ideas for your Bathroom: Magic Hands hold your Toilet Paper!

If you grew up in the era of Frankenstein, “The Hand” may still give you nightmares. Introduce this element of fear into your Halloween bathroom decor with these magic hands! These magic toilet paper hands appear to cradle your precious toilet paper. What’s even better, it’s an economical solution and it’s very simple to do on your own! All you will need is a pair of mittens, aluminum foil, and a few scraps of fabric. Watch the video to see how to assemble your new Halloween Magic Hands!

5. Roach Invasion!

Following the theme of disgusting, creepy, and unsightly decorations, what does every homeowner love more than roaches? You can purchase a handful of hideous roaches at many local stores. Next, use a small dab of removable-adhesive to stick them onto your bathroom floor, wall, and ceiling! Arrange them in a terrifying pattern that have a realistic appearance to frighten company when they turn on the lights

Halloween Decoration Ideas: Cockroaches in the bathroom!

Halloween Safety: Tradewinds Imports would like to remind you that all adverse conditions must be taken into consideration during the coming Halloween Season! Please consider the health and emotional condition of others before you try any shocking Halloween surprises as some individuals may not be fit for such an unexpected. Scare Responsibly!

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