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5 Signs Your HVAC Unit Needs Attention This Spring

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores
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According to Breckinridge, a Louisville air conditioning installation and repair service, one sign that your hvac system needs an update is rising energy bills. If your cooling electric bill is noticeably higher than it was last summer, that could be a sign. Fortunately, tax rebates are available for energy efficient upgrades to your home. You could get a new a/c unit, replace some old windows, and improve your homes’ insulation and get tax credits for doing so.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify if your HVAC needs attention
  • The air coming out of your vents will be weak and warm if the HVAC needs attention
  • Your utility bill will be higher if HVAC is going out

“Have you ever heard the old saying, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”? While that can apply to many things, spending a few days in the blistering heat of summer can be your reward for following that wisdom when it comes to doing preventive maintenance your HVAC unit.”


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