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5 Scientific Ways to Be More Beautiful to Men

Posted on the 12 September 2018 by Women_tips @womentips2013

We can't deny that men are VISUAL creatures!!

Here are the 5 proven ways to catch his attention...

You might explore all kinds of strategies to improve your dating and romantic life; from how to flirt with your man and improve your communication skills to develop the inner confidence and much more.

But none of those works if you can't catch his eye.


There is no just denying about our visual creatures- MEN.

You got the looks but don't you want to know how to keep your man interested after you caught his attention?

Here are the five easy techniques that can boost your position on the Sexy Scale.


If you got Yellow teeth, whiten them. A US University study showed the results of two date couples, where one of the couples had their first date without teeth whitening and the other date met after teeth whitening. The results were astounding!! What they found was the whitened teeth had more chance to continue the date.

So by just having white teeth, you have a higher chance to get the second date. Also, people tend to think you're more outgoing and sociable.


It's kind of creepy the way smell can immediately bring all the incredible emotions. That don't mean you have to smell like your guy's ex-girlfriend from the middle school but the smell is a powerful way to attract men. Smell starts from inside the nose and runs inside the bottom of the brain. It has direct connections to two areas of the brain which are strongly connected to emotion and memory known as "amygdala and the hippocampus".

So you need to get a great perfume to smell really great. Get a guy friend, go to the perfume store, spray some perfume on you and ask your friend if he likes the smell. If your guy friend likes the smell then definitely your date will love the smell. Simple as that!!

Now you are going to smell better so you will be physically more attractive to men.


Red Clothes really catches the eye of men. It doesn't mean if a man was not attracted to you then wearing red is suddenly going to be like- WOW!! Now he's attracted to you. NOPE-That's not going to happen.

But if he's already attracted to you, you will get his attention even more!!

So wearing Red will not only get his attention but it triggers a key biology component like those in old cartoons where you see a woman wearing red. That's how it triggers an increase in attracting men.


I'm sorry to say it to the short-haired girls out there but you may want to reconsider growing your hair long.

A study surveyed men where it was found that men rated most the long straight hair to be the sexiest hairstyle, followed by down and curly hairstyle and the simple ponytail was rated as the lowest among all.

Men find longer hair very attractive, very feminine and something men are attracted to...


A Red Lipstick with an incredible smile immediately catches a man's eye. Men eyes are more drawn to red lipstick on a woman lips. A Manchester University found that a guy would look more at the red lips for as much as two to three times longer than if there was no lipstick on the lips.

Clearly, Lips are a sensual area and very attractive to men. There is a reason why women wear red lipstick for a long time. It's very effective and it's a great fashion statement.

Try these five methods to increase your chances of high likely to be attracted more.

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