5 Reasons Why You Must Have an Ice Pack in Your Freezer

Posted on the 29 January 2018 by Jdymisster @jdymisster
Reasons Must Have Pack Your FreezerIce packs were made when people had enough with water based ice that not only melts fast but also leaves behind the mess to clean up. So it all started with packing ice cubes in a Bag, and then people started to refreeze the bags of ice. Eventually, they discovered that salt lowers the freezing point of water which helps it stay frozen longer since it reaches a lower freezing point, With continuous research in the role of phase change materials, Several PCM additives and Super absorbent additives alter the phase of the fluid and that was how the ice pack was born.  Most ice packs in the market are a mixture of Salt like sodium Polyacrylate along with a secret ingredient of a Phase change ingredient which helps lower the freezing point and help the ice pack stay frozen for longer. The Dry Ice packs have so many uses and applications that it has become an essential in most Freezers.The most important application would be the ice packs are perfect for First Aid. The Cryotherapy for 20 minutes after an injury helps reduce the swelling drastically. With Kids around, these ice packs are worth having frozen.Another significant application for the ice packs is they come in handy if you are going shopping and it’s a hot day. It’s a good idea to put a few ice packs in a cooler bag so the meat will stay frozen on your way back and wouldn’t get cooked in the carThese ice packs are perfect for keeping pets cool on a hot summer day. You can simply slip an ice pack under the bedding, and you will find they are nice and cool despite the scorching sun.If you are looking to lose weight and wish to accelerate your weight loss. It has been proven that you can freeze your fat away with a 30 Min Ice pack Therapy and lose weight. It’s recommended that you apply ice packs to the areas you feel there is Fat accumulation. This cold therapy for 30 minutes before your work out helps you lose the fat faster. The ice pack therapy helps convert White Fat to Brown fat which is easier to burn.Did you know that an ice pack could save your life? Yes, people who have a heart attack can save their lives by simply applying a ice pack to the groin area and right above the right ear. This ice pack therapy pushes the patient into induced hypothermia which helps save the organs from collapsing after a heart attack. Even 2 to a 3-degree reduction in body temperature will help save the other organs.Cryolux Australia is an innovative manufacturer of Cold chain products and they have a wide range of Reusable and disposable ice packs and gel packs that can help keep things chilled or frozen or even help with any of the above-discussed applications. Please feel free to visit the website to see the full range.

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