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5 Reasons Why Friends Are Good for Your Soul

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer
5 Reasons why friends are good for your soul

can you ever be too old for duckfaced selfies?

Friends are those people in your life who you choose to have there. While family is family and there is often minimal control over who joins the fray, your friendship group is a little club with members handpicked by you!

Friendships change throughout life, there are pals who come and mates who go, but the concept of friendship is lifelong and for women, in particular, having good friends is so very important to our emotional well being.

After spending an absolutely hilarious day yesterday with the group of crazy-chicks above, I thought I’d share why this group of girls (and my other friends too!) are so good for my soul.

I hope that you reflect on your friendships as you read it.


Good friends are those you laugh with. Laughter that comes deep from the belly and hurts your jaw. Laughter that ends up in snorts, tears and the need to tightly cross your legs. Each time we girls get together there is plenty of this goodness and we know each others’ laughter trigger-points down pat. Hil-flippin-arious we are!


Good friends are accepting people. They love you even when you’re wearing no make-up on a bad hair day. They’ve seen you in your daggiest pajamas and that’s ok by them. Your annoying habits are embraced by them and they honor the life choices you make, even the not so good decisions. You may each have differing beliefs on certain topics and issues but that never presents a problem. It’s always, always ok.


Good friends are those that you share your time and experiences with. You have taken some steps in a common journey that continues each time you meet. You’ve helped them pick up the pieces when others may have walked away and they’ve been there to do that for you in return. You’ve shared the good times as well. You know that you’d split your last dollar with them and they’d let you use their roll-on deodorant if the need arose AND they’d tell you if it did


EncouragementGood friends push you to chase your dreams. They believe, and tell you, that you can reach the sky and they always have your back. A good friend will listen to your goals and be excited to brainstorm ways to realize them. When the going gets tough and the end does not seem in sight, your good friends will never let you give up.



Good friends don’t need to live in each others’ pockets in order to remain good friends. Communication may be sparse  (we all know how life gets in the way, right?) BUT it is always good. A good friend is always delighted to hear from you and you them. You may not see each other often enough, but you’ll regularly be in each others’ thoughts and when you do catch up, it’s as if the passing time has melted away. I love this.

What do you cherish most about being a friend and having friends? What does friendship bring to your life?

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