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5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

5 Reasons Why Being a Side Piece Isn’t Cool

Quote: Rev Run

Quote: Rev Run

Before I get started, I think I need to define what a side piece is. A side piece is basically the other person in someone’s life that’s there strictly for sexual pleasure. In fact, having a side peice has become so popular until some have labeled February 15th as side chick day. There are people out here who are totally fine without a committed relationship. They can have sex with no strings attached and have no problems going on with their life after the sex has ended. I happen to think that’s ok as long as the parties involved are single. But as sure as the sky is blue, the moment you cross into mistress/side piece category things get real different. You begin to have feelings for the person who is married or in a committed relationship. Why? Because all too often most of us want the things we cannot have and that includes unavailable people. Being a side piece is not a glamorous life! It presents challenges that most often lead to disaster. Here are 5 distinct reasons why being a side piece isn’t cool.

How you get them is how you lose them

One of the mystery questions that I have in life is why would anyone think that if someone cheats with you they’ll be faithful to you if they happen to part ways with the partner. Let’s be real for a moment, if you are a side piece and someone is cheating to be with you. That classifies him/her as a cheater. The odds are already stacked up against you. If you got him/her from someone then you’ll lose him or her to someone else. Yeah, that thing called karma. If you both are cheating on someone to be together; then you pretty much deserve each other. You know the saying; birds of a feather flock together!

You will never be #1

When we develop feelings for someone, we want them around. We want them all up in our space and we want to confide in them when we’re having a bad day or need to talk. Unfortunately, since you’re not the main squeeze you really don’t have those rights. However, you may receive a brief text or phone call that will be way too short for you to even vent about your bad day.

No happy endings for you

If you believe that being a side piece will give you a happy ending that includes riding off into the sunset you are seriously delusional. You are not Cinderella or some other princess worthy of a prince. You do not pass go and collect $200. The odds are that they will not leave home (the wife or main squeeze) for you. That is unless their boo kicks them to the curve for their cheating ways and they come running to second best.

Exactly where is your self respect

If you were happily in love or thought you were, would you want your partner cheating? I think not! So have a little respect for other people’s relationships and even more respect for yourself. You should aim to be the only one in someone’s life. Have enough respect for yourself to realize that if you aren’t it’s time to kick someone to the curb. If you act like a side piece then that’s exactly what you’ll be. Walk away from situations that don’t allow you to be number 1.

Pardon my French, but you will get your ass beat

There are many times when we advise our friends against being a side piece, but no one ever tells someone boldly that you can get a good ole fashion ass whipping for messing around with someone’s boo. The sad thing about it is that most of the time women will come after you but won’t do anything to their partner. It takes two to cheat but some people forget that. People are not playing these days about their significant others. If you’re bold enough to be someone’s side piece then you’re bold enough to deal with the consequences.

It’s really not worth all the drama!

Have you ever been a side piece? What are your thoughts on people who become the side pieces?

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