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5 Reasons to Quit Smoking

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Why should you quit smoking? Smoking is one of the most common addictions found in people across the globe. As with all addictions, getting rid of it is the hardest part. To convince a habitual smoker to quit you need to have some solid reasons to give. Else, you have no chance of getting someone to quit or quitting smoking yourself. Here are five great reasons to quit smoking.

Have a Longer Life

Smoking has a number of harmful effects on your body. Your health suffers constantly because of your habit. According to experts, 50% of all smokers in the world are going to die because of a disease caused by smoking. By quitting now, you can start life afresh. On average, a smoker loses 13 to 15 years of life because of smoking. If you quit smoking now, you can live all those years and have a longer life. It is never too late to quit. At whatever age you are, stopping smoking right now will have immediate positive effects.

Protect the Passive Smokers

Not only are you harming your health by smoking but also of the people around you. Passive smoking is also damaging to the health and body. The people who are near you while you puff a cigarette receive the secondhand smoke you blow. The smoke is quite harmful and more than 50,000 people die every year because of passive smoking. If you have children in your home, it is important that you quit smoking now.

Let Your Body Repair Itself

Your body starts healing itself when you quit smoking. The problems related to smoking such as premature aging of the skin, beginning to fade away. You will start looking better and feel better inside. Not to mention that constant smoking wreaks havoc on your senses of smell and taste.

Become More Sociable

Smoking has become less acceptable to society over the years. Many public places and workplaces ban smoking altogether. When you quit smoking, you will become more sociable. In other words, people will start liking you more than they did before. Getting rid of this habit will do wonders for your reputation and impression in the eyes of the people you meet on a daily basis.

Save Your Money

Smoking is expensive and you might end up spending hundreds of dollars every month to satisfy your addiction. You can save all that money by quitting altogether. Moreover, you also save on health care costs. The health problems caused by smoking will peter out when you quit. At the end of the day, it can prove to be a highly profitable idea for you. These are five great reasons to quit smoking right away. If you do not want to do it for yourself, think about your loved ones and the decision would become easier.

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5 Reasons to Quit Smoking


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