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5 Reasons It’s Ok When the Other Half is Away

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer
5 Reasons it’s ok when the other half is away

I’m sure he’s having a dreadful time!

The MOTH is away for a few days. He left yesterday afternoon on a Jetstar jetplane for the warm, tropical fishing paradise that is Far North Queensland.

It’s ok. Of course I’m jelly-jealous, but it is alright, trust me ;)

You see, it’s entirely true that we miss him dreadfully already …… and you betcha I’ve spoken to him a couple of times since he escaped left for his adventure BUT I’ve actually thought of some reasons as to why his holiday has spin-offs for me too.

1. TV in bed, as early as I like once Baby Girl is sweet-dreaming, and the doona and TV remote remain all mine not to share!

2. Dinner can be as simple and fuss-free as I want. Eggs on toast again? Sure! Why not!

3. I can add his allocation of hot water onto my showers and enjoy the pelting warm water for just a bit longer.  I know, I’ll pretend I’m at the day spa! Genius!

4. Monday night football is not required viewing this week ……. and am I sad??? Ummm, nope,  not really!

5. I know that I’ll feel absolutely no guilt at all when I head on a 3 night girls’ cruise early next month! ;) Bring. It. On!

MOTH, if you’re reading this, I do hope that you relax, enjoy yourself and bag some big ones. Can’t wait to see you home safely :)

How do you go when you’re left to hold the fort? Do you treat yourself to anything special … like an early night with the iPad and doona to yourself?

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