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5 Predictions for the Future of Paid Search – Get Ready for the Coming Changes

Posted on the 21 August 2019 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
5 Predictions for the Future of Paid Search – Get Ready for the Coming Changes

5 Predictions for the Future of Paid Search – Get Ready for the Coming Changes

Paid search has been an important part of an integrated marketers strategic planning for several years now. But-as with most things Internet-related-the times, they are a-changin'. Pay Per Click (PPC) functionality is a bit of a moving target with AI and other technology. John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing has put together a list of the top five changes he sees headed toward Paid Search in the not-too-distant future.

Automation Rules

Automation is an important asset to paid search when managing programmatic ads or finding the best combination of headlines and descriptions for responsive ads. These time-saving advancements are some of the first steps in transforming PPC.

AI is taking over the rote tasks of optimizing ROI, freeing online marketers to focus on the strategic aspects of paid search. Automation can easily pull and collate performance metrics, but it's also capable of presenting a broader view of your data, revealing patterns that may otherwise be hard to see.

Move Over Google

Google has held the top search position for nearly two decades, but we are finally seeing some movement in that space. Companies that advertise directly to consumers are finding value in spending their PPC dollars with that other global stronghold, Amazon. More people searching for products are starting at the biggest shopping mall in the world.

Of course, because Google has been in prime position for so long, marketers are often paying a premium for position there. Not so with Amazon. Yet.

Video Killed the Text Ad Star

We've already seen the evolution of paid search from text to image-focused, and carousels. Now video is gaining ground and grabbing eyeballs. Colorful and interesting videos stand out and help you tell your story visually.

Way back in 2016 we began banging the video drum, alerting marketers to the growth of the medium on Google. While this may be the least surprising trend of the bunch, it is no less significant.

Make Way for New Ad Types

Google has inexhaustible creative depths from which they update their ad offerings each year. Google ads are growing in sophistication and complexity, and no marketer can afford to be left behind. It's hard to say what the Google gurus will get up to next, but it's best to keep a watchful eye out for innovations in advertising. Especially while the buy-in cost remains low!

Think in Audiences, not Keywords

Paid search has been predicated on keywords for much of its history, but this may be changing. With the ability to capture audience behavioral data and segment lists by granular audience preferences and actions, it is easier than ever for marketers to target their ads where they are most likely to result in conversions.

In short, rather than basing ad buys on past keyword performance, marketers can proactively build ads based on the characteristics of their well-defined ideal buyer.

The Takeaway

Although it's impossible to know exactly what the future holds for PPC, it is fair to make some predictions based on recent trends, technological advancements, and consumer behavior. Jumping on these particular bandwagons early may be especially advantageous for savvy marketers because the cost-of-entry will likely be lower and you can beat out the competition that isn't as farsighted.

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