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5 Popular Adventure Tours in Dubai

By Simon Hales @itertrav

Dubai is a place for adventure lovers; the place brings many foreign tourists to explore the adventure sports and spots of Dubai in the holidays. The destination is full of popular and splendid spots which have been considered exquisite entertainment hub for the tourists of all ages and culture. The place has a lot of variety to be offered, with tradition, luxury, and natural tourist spot. Some of the best tourist adventure tours have been presented below for your selection and enjoyment.

A Trip to Sharjah:

Take a Trip to Sharjah

Sarjah is also known as the pearl of gulf and you must make an attempt to get to this beautiful monument. It is a wonderful heritage, with superb mosques and altogether an architectural delight to watch. The city also have King of Faisal Mosque, the well-known Fort of Sharjah, the Heritage museum and marvelous souks which are filled with jewelry, carpets and fine crafted handicrafts that are considered the best as souvenirs of your trip. The trip to Sarjah from Dubai will take approximately four and a half hours and per person minimum cost will be around US$30.

Visiting the beautiful East Coast, Dubai:


On the journey to the East Coast of Dubai, you will find one of the best fruit and vegetable plantations. The Indian Ocean coast is a beautiful place to visit. In the visit you will be amused to see the local fishing techniques in the villages, the marvelous Hajar Mountain, sightseeing of ancient Al Badiyah mosque, Fujairah fort and Bithnah fortress will also capture your attention. The trip of the coast and adventurous trip to the Desert Safari in Dubai will be a long journey of 9 hours and per person cost will be around $45.

The Popular Desert Safari, Dubai:


If you are looking for a wild adventure during the Dubai trip, the desert safari will be one of them. Desert Safari is a journey in the endless sea of red sand and you will find the royal camel rides as well. The journey to the desert safari starts in the noon time with several photo-stops, you will witness the best sunset in the desert and your trip will end with the lavish barbecue dinner in the desert. The five to six hour trip will be costing approximately $65 per person.

Taking tour of the Golden city:


The very famous 7 star hotel of Dubai Burj Al Arab is the main highlight of the trip. It is also the starting point of the trip; then it moves to Jumeirah Mosque, also taking you to the old city at Al Bastakiya. The trip ends at Al Fahidi fort museum and beautiful Hatta Mountain Wadi. The Abra, water taxi will take you to the popular Gold Souk. The trip will take five hours and will cost around $ 50 per person.

Mesmerizing Trip to Abu Dhabi:

Night life Abu-Dhabi

Great shot of the night skyline in Dubai

Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s largest man-made port, and it gives you the mesmerizing feeling to visit this destination. The city tour will take around nine hours and will take you through the women’s handicraft center, the petroleum center, the Al Ain is the greenest city of the UAE. The city is known for the shopping center, where you will find everything you can think about. Visiting Abu Dhabi is warmth to the eyes. The trip will cost each tourist $80.

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