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5 Pieces of Essential Event Advice

Posted on the 18 July 2018 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
5 Pieces of Essential Event Advice

5 Pieces of Essential Event Advice

Each year, event and meeting professionals gather at conferences where speakers discuss trends, education and ideas for inspired event management. Attendees at a recent Florida BizBash event walked away with five important tips and recommendations for event success, as shared by conference speakers.

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Data is essential and it must be used when marketing events to drive attendance and encourage engagement. Interpreting and using this data meaningfully is a long-term strategic commitment for integrated marketers tasked with event marketing, whether the data is pulled from Facebook or Twitter insights, found in survey responses, collected on-site, or gathered via pre- or post-event communications.

Make the Most of Social Media

"Social Media is a natural tool for promoting your next conference or event appearance," as the audience was reminded. Real-time, live responses always outperform automated social media. Ensuring someone is on-hand to supply live answers to questions, exclusive messaging or viral-worthy images demonstrates authenticity and inspires engagement between audiences and event organizers or exhibitors. Integrated marketers can incorporate hashtags, videos, and giveaways into the conversation, right from the exhibition floor.

Sell More Event Sponsorships

In order to find the best sponsor fit, take the time to understand the audience, as well as the potential exhibitor. This allows you to provide tailored recommendations to each sponsor-suggesting the best patron opportunities, and allowing them to meet their internal goals, justify their investment, and prepare for event success.

Consider Audience Needs When Planning

Bigger crowds are not always better. Sometimes a smaller, more impassioned audience will engage more, leading to better returns for the exhibitors, sponsors, and event organizers. It's more important to consider the experience than the size of the crowd-better to create a lasting impression, memories worth holding onto, and foster connections within the community.

Don't Fear Change

While it's easier and more comfortable to stick with what you know, sometimes the best events come out of taking a risk. Consider changing up the topics, speakers, entertainers, or whatever self-limiting and self-imposed 'rules' are in place that may keep your event from being memorable. Give your audience awesome experiences, think outside the booth, and encourage people to share their excitement.

Last modified: July 17, 2018

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