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5 Miles Deserves Some Mac {and Cheese}

By Marensmorsels @marentweets


I did not feel like doing my 5 mile training run on the schedule for today. So I moseyed around my room for 45 minutes, slowly getting ready. I finally kicked into high gear and hit the pavement at about 9:30.

I did an out and back. 2.5 miles out and 2.5 miles back.

I seriously miscalculated the head wind situation… major head wind all the way back.


I wasn’t hungry before I left and eating sounded really unappealing so I took a packet of watermelon Gu Chomps and I ate them throughout the run.

For a cool down, Mom and I went out to Macys for some last minute Father’s Day shopping… did you know it’s tomorrow?!?! eeek.


5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

I made diary free mac and cheese!!!

It was really easy, exactly like Kraft. I made 1/2 a bunch of kale into chips and I added a few meatless meat balls to my mac!


I found this mac and cheese at whole foods earlier this week. And I’ve been chomping at the bit all week to try it.


Look at all these nutrition facts!


I’m not too thrilled about all the funky ingredients. But I figure this is just part of the boxed mac and cheese experience.


Don’t mess with the boxed stuff!!


I became crazily hungry while cooking so I broke out a few chips and salsa.


Definitely hit the spot.


The noodles from this box were brown rice!! LOVE that. Yay for complex carbs and healthy guidelines.

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

To make the cheese I used a original 7 grain milk substitute. Definitely don’t use vanilla… that’d be weird.

After trying this one I think unflavored soymilk would be best. FYI

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

Stir. Stir. Stir.

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

I added some black pepper and meatless meat balls. It was super duper tasty! Like I said, soymilk would be a little bit better. But I’m sold.

Mac and cheese, you’re back in my life!!!

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

After lunch I was still hungry and I discovered that someone has been eating my Luna’s and Larry’s Coconut Bliss, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge ice cream and there was less than a serving in the pint… grrrr.

They will pay.

Anyways, I added a heaping handful of raspberries and dove in with a spoon.

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

Ice cream directly out of the carton is always better. Truth.

5 miles deserves some mac {and cheese}

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

Do you eat ice cream right out of the carton?

How do you feel about head winds?

I sort of hate them with a passion.

What are you doing the rest of Saturday?

I’m takin’ it easy on a recliner. Might do some laundry. I’m babysitting tonight.

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