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5 Lessons Learnt the Hard Way, All Before 10am

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Friday is a cracking day of the week, isn’t it? Especially if there are grand plans for the weekend, just around the corner.

However, this Friday, in this household it is anticipated that the coming weekend will harbour no grand plans. Just the usual pitter, patter, potter to catch up on the week that was. It was a flying start to the morning though, as I decided to leap out of my pyjamas and get stuck into things on the list with the goal of leaving me some free Shari-time this afternoon.

All before 10 o’clock though, there were some life lessons learnt the hard way. Can you relate to any of these, or am I just a slow learner?

1. Saying NO to a toddler will result in more than a sooky, but cute, pout. A toddler will certainly be scheming to extract their pound of revenge and this morning it came in the form of the world’s biggest turd squeezed into her undies. This poop of gigantic proportions of course skid-marked down her leg when it came to changing her and there is not enough bleach or disinfectant in the world to make me feel better just yet.

2. The beer fridge is and should remain bloke territory. Scrubbing and hosing out said beer fridge should then, by all logic, be a chore completed by the man and not the non-beer-swilling lady of the house with unhelpful, pooed-pants toddler eager to assist. Job completed, invoice pending.

3. There should no longer be any surprise where Nutri-Grain can and will be found in the house. When making the bed, no not  one of the kids’ beds, our bed this morning I encountered what surely amassed to a half box of Nutri-Grain *in the bed*. Neither the MOTH or I eat Nutri-Grain so what a warped Goldilocks-like scenario this looks like!

4. It is unwise to be suckered into the world of Facebook and/or Twitter before that first cup of coffee of the morning. Things make even less sense to a non-caffeinated brain. I’m sure there is research out there.

5. If you provide your child or children with a filling and nutritious breakfast before making your own, I guarantee that the very instant you park your bum on a chair to enjoy yours they will come to you with empty plate and eyes pleading starvation.

So if that’s my morning in a nutshell, I’m assuming much better things will come during the day ahead. How has the beginning of the end of your week been? Any life lessons learnt today so far?


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