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5 Gadgets for a High Tech Home

Posted on the 14 July 2015 by Geekasms @geekasms
Gadgets High Tech Home

High tech home gadgets aren't just about saving a few minutes here and there and skipping out on simple chores. Sure, you can have coffee brewed fresh at the exact moment you wake up or the floor neatly vacuumed by a robot when you don't have the time to do all the cleaning yourself. But it's not just about making things easier or saving time. It's about orchestrating your surroundings to be in tune with your needs. Here are a few of the top products that can add a little harmony to your life.

Piper Home Surveillance Gadgets High Tech Home

This handy security system takes on one of the most essential roles in your home: protecting you from what's outside of it. It's equipped with a motion sensor to detect intruders, high definition video with a panoramic view, two-way audio, and a messaging system to send you updates. You'll be surprised by all the hats the system wears-the app also allows you to control your lighting and appliances remotely.

Petcube Remote Pet Monitor System
Gadgets High Tech Home

This is one of the most handy and even life-changing gadgets for those with furry friends. The allows pet owners to check in on their pets during the day. It boasts wide angle camera streaming and a two-way audio stream, so you don't have to worry about your best pal while you're at work. It's also a sleek 4x4x4 aluminum cube which helps it blend into the decor. It's also weighted so that your pet will not easily knock it over or damage it by accident. The best function is that you can use the built-in laser to play with your pet even while you're away.

Airocide Air Purifier
Gadgets High Tech Home

This is one of the best examples of home technology helping your surroundings become more in tune with your needs. The Airocide Air Purifier is the NASA-designed key to destroying nearly 100 percent of the allergens and pathogens that come its way. Talk about a good night's sleep. Even if no one in your family struggles with the outward symptoms of allergies or asthma, just remember that indoor air quality is lower than outdoor air, and there are many of harmful chemicals and pollutants lurking in our homes. The Airocide Air Purifier is like a silent hero fighting off unseen enemies.

Moen IO Digital At-Home Spa
Gadgets High Tech Home

A high tech home usually includes a splurge here and there, and this one is the definition: the Moen Digital At-Home Spa allows you to set and maintain the perfect shower, bath, or spa temperature and to start up the water without even touching the faucet.

Sense Sleep Monitor
Gadgets High Tech Home

Poor sleep can be debilitating, especially when each night of tossing and turning piles up on the last. But if you've been struggling to find rest, now you can pinpoint the problem and fix it. The Sense Sleep Monitor lets you know when the lighting in your isn't optimum for restful sleep. It monitors temperature and humidity so that you can know whether or not your environment is conducive to rest. It even monitors the pollen in the air. It's also an alarm-but judging by its peaceful sphere design, it's probably not the kind that blares and beeps at you so hard that it rattles of the nightstand.

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