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5 Frequently Asked Golf Questions from is a question and answer site that receives between 3,000 to 5,000 questions every day, so Golf for Beginners gathered a few of the frequently asked golf questions for our readers. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing golf your entire life, you will be interested in the responses.

You may think these are all basic questions but how many of you actually know all the answers?

5 Frequently Asked Golf Questions from the links to read answers in their entirety)
1. How and when did golf originate?

Richard Fellner, Editor of Inside Golf ( "It is widely accepted that the MODERN game of golf originated in Scotland in the 1400s (or even a bit earlier). The first written record of golf was when James II banned the game as it was distracting to the soldiers who were supposed to be learning archery."

2. What is behind the historic low scoring on the PGA Tour?

Clay Nicolsen, Rules of Golf Tournament Official states, "Because of high-speed analysis of golf swings, plus the sum of all the study of past decades more is understood about the physics of the golf swing than ever before."

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3. What's the best driver to buy to maximize your chance of hitting fairways?

Matthew Alexander, "I don't think there's a definitive answer here. If there were a clear best (longest or most accurate or whatever) driver, you'd see everyone playing that driver..."

I'd suggest going to a demo day in your area. Try out all the popular brands...

4. What's the biggest difference between a scratch player and a tour player?

Jenni Jenq, former Symetra Tour Professional Golfer at LPGA (2012-2017), " call yourself a professional tour player who successfully makes money playing golf, you need to possess a golf game that can produce scores of par or better. For men, they need to shoot 70 or better on medium difficulty golf courses. To be a successful tour player, you need to be a 60s shooter. Shooting par would be on an off day."

5. If you had to hit the green from 125 yards, what golf club would you use? Click the link to read the entire answer.

Lewis Greer, "One of the great things about golf is that the circumstances surrounding any shot can change from day to day and even hole to hole. Understanding, imagination and adaptability are very important."

Interesting questions! For example, what golf club would you use for a 125-yard distance?

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