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5 Fleetmatics Success Stories

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Who doesn’t love a good success story? Here are 5 Fleetmatics customers who have reaped the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for their small businesses.

1. Belknap Landscape Amps Up Customer Service

Belknap Landscape Company has been able to optimize customer service with Fleetmatics. When an emergency call comes in from a client, the Live Fleet screen in Fleetmatics is used to locate the closest vehicle and route to the client location. This allows Belknap to have faster response times and a happy, satisfied client, which is the most important benefit of all.

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2. Kimball’s Construction makes Driver Safety a Priority

Before installing Fleetmatics, Steve Kimball did not expect his drivers were excessively speeding in his vehicles. Once the system was installed, Kimball discovered there were instances that his trucks were going 80 mph in a 65 mph zone. “Being able to track speeding wasn’t something that I thought would be that important but it’s been such a positive aspect of fleet tracking. It’s great to know that the drivers have gotten so much safer. The trucks are a huge liability and anything we can do to control that in a fair way is helpful.”

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3. J. Carey Logging Saves Money by Reducing Idling

Ryan Carey never imagined that his fleet had high idling times. After installing Fleetmatics, he discovered his fleet was idling 25 hours a day. He let his team know how outrageous the idling times were—and they vowed to help him reduce idling. By the next week, Carey and his team had reduced their idling time by 10 hours. Talk about teamwork!

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4. SFMS Lowers Payroll and Insurance Costs

Since implementing Fleetmatics, Superior Facilities Management services has been able to see tremendous savings. David Farazad estimates SFMS has saved 19% annually on payroll alone. “For example, if our costs were $300,000, we saved $57,000 by implementing FleetMatics. Also, having the system has helped us get a 28% reduction on our auto insurance policy.”

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5. IEC Recovers Two Stolen Trucks in Record Time

International Energy Corporation’s Hollie Heldmann was able to track down not only one, but two stolen vehicles with the Fleetmatics system. She received an alert early Saturday morning that a truck had left the premises. While she was speaking with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office, another truck was stolen and had begun to make its way across town. With the help of the Route Replay feature, the sheriff’s office was able to recover both stolen vehicles.

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