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5 Fantastic Twitter Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

Posted on the 23 August 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

5 Fantastic Twitter Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

Many iPhone and iPad users that use the official Twitter app may prefer apps that offer many tools and features to enhance their online experience. Five apps are available that users are able to install to offer additional options that will expand the capabilities of Twitter.

1. Flipboard


This is a Twitter app that is available for both the iPhone and iPad. Users that install this app are able to browse by individual accounts or by lists. The app also includes various browsing tools. One tool found in the app is Flipboard Picks and is great for quality information that is consistent. Tracking an event or monitoring keywords are the best uses of this particular app.

2. Tweetlist


This is a full featured Twitter client that you can install on your iPhone and iPad. One notable feature is the ability to save and read information at a later time. Users that use this app will be able to use lists to sort all their followers. Lists are easy to swap when you need to keep up with certain followers. The use of TweetLlist is a great way users can engage different groups of people.

3. Boxcar


Users can install this app to have the availability of push notifications for Twitter. Notifications that are available on this app include New tweets from individual people, Twitter lists, and Twitter search. New tweets from individual people can be used to read updates from specific users. Twitter lists allows users to view messages from connected lists. Twitter search is available to notify you of tweets made by your saved searches.

4. SocialDas


This app is an analytic tool that will give users various Twitter stats. Stats include followers, following, tweets, re tweets, Klout score, peerindex score, and retweetrank. Users can compare their stats against other users by viewing multiple accounts. Just nter the Twitter name of the person that you want to compare.

5. Tweeb


This is a management app that can be installed on the iPhone and the iPad. Users will benefit by being able to see a comprehensive view of their Twitter stats. These include followers, retweets, click-through rates, and mention rate. Additional features include viewing recent tweets, tracking of lost followers, and viewing a new follower’s profile.

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