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5 Employment Tips

By Mollylouise
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Hi guys,
Sorry for my long absence, life just got in the way and some exciting things have happened. I recently lost my job in customer services which I really loved and formed some good relationships with my colleagues who I still keep in touch with although I've been super busy trying to get back on the employment track.
Since my job search, has been a long adventure, I thought I would share some tips on how I got back into full time employment and starting to look into new areas to widen my career horizons.
1) CV - If you have a long CV you won't get the job. Easy as that! No one wants to read an autobiography of your career goals and how you did this and that at school. Keep it short and sweet and save those thinking of hiring you the time and waffle. Include all your contact details, what you enjoy and relate it to the job you're applying for. Showcase your academic achievements and let the employer know you have the drive for the position and make relevant changes to your CV per job role to give a personal touch and not look like a person who sends out multiples of generic CV's to 80+ job openings.
2) Cover letter - Give the employer a well thought out cover letter. Let the employer know how much you want to work for them without begging. Share how you would make a great addition to their team and how you can help them reach their business goals.
3) Sign up with agencies- Agencies can help you get that job interview and will provide you with all the right advice to land you with a job as well as narrow down what they think you will be interested in and will provide you with options you would never think of on your own. However, some agencies might now be that useful so I would advise looking the agencies up beforehand and look at their success rate.
4) Interview - Go into an interview with confidence but don't act cocky. Dress in a smart and conservative way and avoid wearing your sweatpants and trainers. Pull out some nice trousers suit and a nice shirt. Although you won't be comfy, you'll look sophisticated and will fit in a formal environment. In terms of chatting in an interview let them know that you know what their business is all about. If you know what they're all about, show it. The employer wants to see your enthusiasm and will more likely to want you to be a part of their team.
5) Watch out for the catch - When you apply for a job watch out for the type of job it is. Although the job may be looking for full time staff they may be looking for temporary contracts. In my apprenticeship I found that they wanted a full time member of staff on a temporary contract in order to find someone new the next year and send their current staff members on their way. Although it has benefited me and sent me into a fantastic direction in my new sales role. :)
Hope these tips helped you on your quest to employment.
Feel free to drop me a comment and share your own tips to those seeking employment.
Molly :) xo

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