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5 Creative Event Networking Options – Make Networking Fun While Connecting Attendees

Posted on the 13 September 2018 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
5 Creative Event Networking Options – Make Networking Fun While Connecting Attendees

5 Creative Event Networking Options – Make Networking Fun While Connecting Attendees

Networking is a significant draw for professionals attending industry events. The lure of building deeper, in-person relationships often encourages attendees to get their names out and remain competitive in their industries. But for many professionals-as well as integrated marketers-it's not always easy. Sli.Do has put together a list of five creative networking options that may help take some of the mystery out of networking, injecting a bit of fun into the proceedings for an unforgettable experience.

Speed Networking

You've heard of speed dating: people seeking romance engage in short, timed conversations with each other to assess mutual interest. Speed networking operates on the same principle, with attendees connecting with each other for a short period of time before rotating to the next attendee. These brief, casual contacts eliminate many networking barriers, and the results are staggering: according to a 90-minute speed networking event with 100 participants can lead to over 1,000 connections!

Roundtable Networking

This type of networking typically features open seating, and individuals get together to talk about a topic or answer questions for a pre-determined amount of time. Why not take it one step further? Curate themes for each table and assigns a facilitator to help encourage meaningful conversations based on the table topic(s). Or encourage seating based on attendee commonalities: industry, job title, region, etc.

Encourage Targeted Connections

This one requires a little preparation in advance but pays off later. Give each participant a custom list of recommended connections to pursue during the event based on unique interests that you have pulled together through a pre-event survey or questions answered at the start of the event. It is then up to each attendee to make the most of this uniquely targeted list, taking the pressure off of integrated marketers, and pre-screening other attendees.

Competitive Networking

Turn the traditional connections-fest on its head and make networking a game. Run a contest for collecting the most business cards or making the most connections-as an individual or in a group. This type of networking can take place during a specific session or throughout the event. And, of course, provide a killer prize at the end for the winner!


Maybe you remember doing these on the first day of school. Similar to competitive networking, icebreakers encourage attendees to overcome shyness or nervousness, getting to know one another in a low-stakes way. Easy and fun, icebreakers encourage participants to learn more about each other through scavenger hunts, bingo games, or other similar methods. The best part of all, is that it won't feel like work.

Ultimately, remember that whatever option you choose, you are helping attendees network with others, build a community, and shape lasting memories that will stick with them long after your event. If your creative, memorable approach goes over well, you also reap the benefits of repeat attendance.

Last modified: September 6, 2018

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