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5 All Natural and Raw Lip Moisturizers!

Posted on the 02 August 2018 by Health_news
5 all natural and raw lip moisturizers!

It is hard to take note of the pulchritude of nature that surrounds us and sustains us because we live in busy world where there's hardly any time to wave a proper goodbye before rushing to work every morning. I would be craving for some rain but I would have no clue it is raining outside my office. Life seems like an endless sad poem, but it is not. It can be happy when we stop for a few moments to breathe and to live for ourselves, as ourselves.

You might think how any of that is related to lip balms, but it kind of is. Humans need no help at all in feeling helpless or insecure. With a plethora of options that the cosmetic industry offers us that clutters our minds and leaves us wondering what will work on us? Quit wondering and worrying about dry chapped lips today and go through your shelf for these amazing all raw and natural alternatives.


It has moisturizing properties. Apply generously and leave it on until your lips absorb it well. It will also treat sunburns and tan.

Coconut and sugar

The most popular one but couldn't resist putting it on the list. The benefits of a humble coconut and sugar scrub are untold, it exfoliates and moisturizes your lips at the same time.

Shea butter

This one is known for its brilliant skin smoothening and softening properties. A jar of organic Shea butter is a must in every household, they will treat dryness on the skin, lips and the hair.


Desi cow-ghee can moisturize your lips. It can even help with pigmentation, making it soft and supple. Dab a few drops of ghee on your lips and leave it overnight or during the day for a couple of hours.


The water-packed veggie will hydrate your lips and leave it looking refresh and supple for sure. Cucumber not only works for the eyes, they will work for lips too. Notice your lips sucking in all the moisture from it after 15-20 mins.

5 all natural and raw lip moisturizers!
5 all natural and raw lip moisturizers!

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