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5 Activities Your Child Will Love

By Momatlast @momatlast

Looking for ways to socially engage your child with peers can sometimes be challenging. Day-to-day obligations and children’s personalities are variables that can lead to confusion. If yours is an only child, the work can get harder. Use these tips to discover new ways to introduce new social opportunities to your child.

Provide Your Child With Social Opportunities 5 Activities Your Child Will Love


Whether your child goes on to play competitive sports or not, an introduction to athletics is a great way for your child to gain social experience. Team building, learning new tasks, and aiming for better performance are all strong character traits that can all come from learning to play a sport. At the beginning level talent matters less than the desire for fun.


Most libraries offer numerous ways to build social skills. Winter breaks and summer vacations mean learning at the library. Lectures about space and dinosaurs might be scheduled along with reading contests. If you haven’t been to a library in years because you think everything is online, it’s time to check out what you’re missing.

Parks and Walking Trails

Yes, there is such a thing as playground etiquette. Introduce children at an early age to make sure it’s an easy concept for them to incorporate into playtime. Learning to take turns, share equipment, and even handle confrontations are all part of the learning process. A nice hike is an outstanding chance for social interaction if you choose trails with other hikers around.

Day Camps

Take advantage of day camps when the kids aren’t in school to optimize socializing. Most communities have offerings through their parks and recreation departments. Education meets fun at day camps looking at scientific concepts or natural areas. Sport camps provide athletic introductions without committing to a season. Talk to kids about what interests them and see if there is a camp matching what they want to explore. Irvine preschool field trip options add choices.

Games for Developing Social Skills

Something you can do at home is to play inventive social games with children to strengthen social aptitude. Encourage eye contact by placing funny stickers on foreheads. Practice making faces to show different emotions and have kids mirror what you are doing. Make it challenging by asking them to describe the emotion on your face.

These are just a few of the ways you can work to enhance the social skills of your children that can yield a lifetime of rewards.

Written by Kathrine K.; Guest Blogger for Mom at Last

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