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£4.95 Latest In Beauty 'You' Fragrance Discovery Box!

By Thebeautyscoop
£4.95 Latest In Beauty 'You' Fragrance Discovery Box!Beauty Boxes are everywhere now. I have 2 on the go, Glossybox and Feel Unique (although I'm thinking of getting rid of Glossybox) and I do quite like them - I like the surprise of getting something different each month, but I generally don't like getting perfume vials in them. I feel a bit cheated most of the time if they're included as one of the main products as most of the time, you can get these for free in stores etc.
However, I've just found the Latest in Beauty 'You' Fragrance Discovery Box (which looks like a one off box, not a recurring monthly subscription) that looks well worth purchasing at £4.95 (£2.95 plus £2 postage) - which may seem weird after me saying the above, since it contains perfume vials.
There is a method in my madness though, as the box also contains a 5ml L'Occitane Peony 5ml Sample AND a 15ml SpaceNK Laughter mini spray 'sample' - I say 'sample' as it's actually sold for £20 at SpaceNK so it really isn't so much of a sample at all, and is obviously worth a lot more than you pay for the whole box!
Frankly, at under a fiver, this box is worth a punt as even if I only like one of the fragrances, the rest can (and will) be put in with Christmas gift boxes so they won't go to waste!
Does this box grab your interest? Will you be purchasing one too?

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