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4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun

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by: Jeric Danao
4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun
Earth relies heavily on the power of the sun. Historical accounts would tell you that most cultures in the world had formed deities to thank it for providing them with warmth and food (without its rays, plants would not grow after all).
Today, science has found a way to utilize the energy coming from the sun even more by converting it into electricity. This innovation is now being used in different countries around the globe and that includes the Philippines. Solar systems or also known as solar panels have been invented to allow this to happen.
It seems that the sun’s power is truly limitless however it would also appear that there are some ill effects when it comes to staying under the sun for too long; one of which is skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to learn the following tips to make sure you can stay healthy under its bright glow.

4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun

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1. Learn All About the UV Index
Various countries in different continents have all released their own UV index. It is a tool you can use to determine the level of UV radiation on the Earth’s surface. It is a great instrument that you can use to decide how much skin protection you are going to need if you plan to spend the day outdoors.
You can check out the UV Index that has been provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The group has collaborated with other international agencies including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to develop the Global Solar UV Index.
4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun
2. Apply Sunscreen
The most important tip on this list is to apply sunscreen on your skin. Most people think that they should only apply sunblock when they are going for a swim; however this is a misconception. You should always put it on before you head outside and be expose to the heat of the sun. There are several sunscreen lotions out in the market that features different kinds of sun protection factor (SPF). According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), people should opt to use a sunblock which has at least SPF 15.
4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun
3. Be Wary of Reflective Surfaces
Reflective surfaces such as snow, sand, and even water can increase your chance of getting sunburnt. This is because there are fewer atmospheres that could absorb the UV radiation coming from the sun’s rays, which means that you are getting more UV exposure at a higher altitude. So the next time you go swimming, don’t just stay in the water merely because it feels cool. Think about how unhealthy it is to do so.
4 Tips to Stay Healthy Under the Sun
4. Dress Appropriately
Wearing appropriate clothing like pants and long-sleeved shirts is essential when you know you will be spending some time under the sun. Aside from wearing clothing, you can also put on hats and sunglasses to cover your face and head aptly.
Always choose to wear sunglasses that can block 99% to 100% of the UV rays so you can avoid getting cell damage. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pterygium, macular generation, cataracts, and other sun-related vision problems are caused by harmful UV rays.
Do yourself a favor and be sure to follow these tips so you can stay under the sun all day long.
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