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4 Reasons Why Naruto Is My Role Model

Posted on the 12 June 2011 by George @ledonvinton


Some of us look up to people like Will Smith, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell, 50 Cent, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg as role models in our lives.  They keep us motivated for whatever types of dreams we have and we want to follow their footsteps.

I get my inspiration from the popular Japanese anime series Naruto. It is the story of a young ninja and his journey to become the village leader (Hokage).  When I feel demotivated, I watch Naruto.  When I’m having a bad day, I watch Naruto.  Yes the show is fun and has a great story but there is also room to appreciate his character. He inspires me to work harder and appreciate simple things like having your own sense of identity.


Here are my reasons:

1. He never gives up

As he says, “That is my way of the ninja!”  If learning a new ninja technique means he has to practice for endless days and nights, he will do it until he learns it.  As far as it means he gets to be stronger and better prepared to achieve his dream, he will push a mountain with his mind until it moves.

I like hardworking people because they will always get rewarded.  I have dreams in life like everyone else but it will always remain as dreams if I don’t do anything about them.

2. Never judge a book by its cover (Naruto is the perfect example)

He can be stupid, clumsy, the clown of the class and not the coolest but he is a heck of a ninja.  He might not look it but he is just being himself.  He doesn’t try to change is persona or let pride get to him.  I myself would like to surprise people like this.  Because I don’t where the sharpest clothes or throw money around doesn’t mean you should underestimate me.

3. He has endured pain

As a child, no parents, no friends and deemed as the village curse. Naruto was lonely as a child.  As an outcast he clearly had the chance to turn evil but he always endured his pain.  We all go through rough times in life sometimes and we might be tempted to take the easy but wrong option.  I see his lesson as holding on and persevering till something good comes your way.  Always keep your head up.

4. He holds his beliefs close to his heart

Your best friend has turned evil, he is placed under the most wanted list for his crimes, and he doesn’t care about you anymore.  Some people just forget about people like this and move one.  Naruto isn’t just your normal person.  He dedicated his life to bringing back his friend Sasuke and changing him for the better.  He still feels that there is good in him and doesn’t want to give up.  He even offers himself for punishment instead of his friend.  That mentality of holding on to what you believe in so strongly is one to be admired.


Drop your comments below if you’ve ever been inspired by Naruto.


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By chaoworld3
posted on 20 August at 05:35
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i completely agree! i mean its sorta silly saying that this anime character is my role model ( and yours an a bunch of other people's) but he really is, and those who dont see it just arent getting the deep meaning of the story

By Javi Liseth Ch
posted on 31 October at 15:31

Se que llego 9 años tarde para contestar este artículo., pero todas las formas lo hare. Naruto tambíen es mi modelo a seguir por los mismos motivos que colocaste. Solo quitaría el de la "Amistad", ya que Naruto realmente te enseña muy buenos valores de este (Shikamaru, Sakura, Gaara, Rock Lee, Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya) pero la relación toxíca que llevaba con Sasuke creo que es algo que hay que tomar como enseñansa, a prender a dejar ir a las personas. No cometer el error que cometío Naruto con Sasuke, hasta el punto de estar obsesionado con él, al igual que Sakura.