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4 Popular Methods to Repair Carpet

By Amelia White
4 Popular Methods to Repair Carpet
You might have burned or stained your favorite carpet at home. Don’t worry! There is no need for you to replace it. You can get it repaired by yourself or hire a professional for this job by spending some money. Hiring a professional is definitely going to cost you less than buying a new one. There are different repair repairing methods. You first need to know which one will be best for your situation or carpet type.The shaving method can improve the look of your carpet when burned. But for this, you need to use a razor blade and shave off the melted ends carefully by taking off as little material as possible. This method works best with dense carpets and shag. However, this carpet repairing method works well only if the burn on the carpet is not that deep.There is another method of carpet repairing where you should first find some area from where you can borrow fibers like inside portion of a closet or a remnant from original installation. Then by using the razor, you should trim the damaged part down to backing and use a toothpick and apply waterproof adhesive like GOOP onto backing. Make sure not to make the mistake of getting any on surrounding fibers or you may glue them. Press fiber strands into the adhesive and let it dry for a day. Then trim the glued-in-fibers back to the carpet’s level.The carpet patching method is also a popular way of repairing. It involves complete cutting out of the damaged portion and replacing it with a piece that’s new or under the closet. Before starting, you should be careful that if the carpet has faded, the patch will become noticeable. This way is only possible if you find a piece that matches with the existing color of the damaged carpet. Anyway, this job of carpet patching requires a lot of skill and it is thus better to leave to the professionals.
Have you heard about invisible mending in Perth? This is another way of repairing damaged carpet. It is a method that joins carpets. When there is any accidental scissor cut, burn or snag on the carpet, the process of invisible mending at times act as a perfect way of improving the look of a carpet. It is done by reweaving threads. The threads are basically taken from another part of carpet, which is hidden by the side of the burned or cut portion. Plenty of threads are removed from the carpet for filing up the damaged part. Finding out the repaired part unless observed carefully is not possible. The removed threads are actually woven back to match it with original strands of that specific area. 

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