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How Can The Panel Glide Blinds Be Used?

By Amelia White
Different Uses of Panel Glide Blinds
In the past, vertical blinds or drapes were the only options for covering a large window or sliding glass door. To their credit, these vertical window solutions have undergone significant advancements thanks to a wide variety of performance textiles and cutting-edge technologies. There is no better treatment for larger sized windows and broad windowed doors than panel blinds to efficiently cover such a large area, even though these treatment categories have advanced significantly in terms of functionality and design. Panel slides are simple to use, good at controlling light, and offer much-needed seclusion.


Panel glide blinds have earned great deal popularity in Perth. They are most frequently used to cover windows in sliding glass doors, patio doors, or French doors. Doors come in a variety of sizes and forms, just like windows, and by selecting a bespoke width and height, you can simply guarantee the ideal amount of cover. Panel glide blinds can open from either the side or the centre, providing a variety of configuration options for various door types and diverse room layouts. They are often mounted on the wall.

Sizeable windows

Not only do windows and doors need to be covered in a home; but large picture windows might also benefit from a panel slide blind. A blind with an inside mount will have the ideal fit inside the window frame. Alternately, choose an exterior mount if you don't want to lose any view at all. Those stunning views are preserved by accounting for the additional width required for the stack of panels to fully clear the window when opened.

Space Divider

Panel glides can be fixed on the ceiling to serve as a mobile room divider in addition to being used for doors and windows. To divide the space in a useful way, the panels glide back and forth on a track. While the panels continue to serve as a boundary, sheer material will create the impression of openness. More seclusion and a sense of greater separation will be offered by woven wood material or thicker fabric.

Wardrobe Doors

As an alternative to closet doors, panel glide blinds have yet another function. They add color and texture to a functional space while providing coverage. Washing machine and dryer closets in hallways, as well as those in bedrooms, home offices, and playrooms, are all places where elegant, lightweight panels can take the place of dated or damaged heavy wooden doors.

Roman, roller, and woven wood blinds are available in most panel glide materials. It is simple to use window treatments to bring an entire space together by coordinating materials across product lines. Windows that encourage glare are a fantastic match for solar material. While still allowing for a view of the outside, the solar screen fabric will significantly minimize the amount of incoming UV radiation. These days, woven wood products are very popular, and for good reason. They add modern elegance and natural warmth to rooms because they are made of natural materials. They are beautiful but sturdy, making them ideal for kitchens, dining areas, and living spaces.

A panel glide made of soft fabric will have the appearance and feel like a drape while serving as a blind. Combine Roman and/or roller shades that are covering tiny windows to give your rooms an exquisite appearance.

Even while we all like beautiful scenery, we don't always want to be the view. An efficient, coherent, and tastefully decorated home is made possible by coordinating window treatments, such as panel glide blinds providing coverage on your largest windows.

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