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4 Hour Body Diet Vs. Eating Healthy. Winner Takes All. ROUND ONE!!

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

I mentioned last week that I was going to experiment with healthy eating versus the Tim Ferriss diet but I think I forgot to clarify what exactly that meant.  Sooo….

Is The 4 Hour Body Healthy

First things first, I don’t believe the 4 hour body eating plan is unhealthy. I think it’s very restrictive but not unhealthy. It basically eliminates all junk from your diet for most of the week and that’s a great thing right there. It will end up with a very high percentage of calories from protein and fat but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, with the exception of the junk you eat on your cheat day, I think the 4 hour body diet is quite healthy.

So Why Compare It To “Healthy Eating”?

Because it’s not quite the mental image most people have of someone who’s on a healthy diet. For example, the four hour body diet eliminates fruit from your diet which seems counter intuitive. It also eliminates whole grains, which some people hate and some people consider healthy. At the same time, it says nothing about healthy versus non healthy fats. In other words, it skips over some of the conventional wisdom that modern science has told us about healthy eating.

Is that bad?  Maybe.  Conventional wisdom is wrong many times, but it also gets quite a few things right.  Which is why I want to run this experiment. I’m not changing the 4 hour body diet that much, I am simply adding some fruit to my daily regimen, a piece of whole grain bread here or there (for you paleo fans out there, I’m eating maybe one pita’s worth a day) and trying to limit my protein intake to dairy and egg products with a bit of fish and chicken thrown in.

Here We Go….

The ground is set, I am 230lbs this morning and I’m about to embark on a grand adventure! Well, alright, maybe not such a grand adventure but it should be fun anyway. I had a banana and a glass of milk for breakfast and I intend to keep to this sort of a diet for the next two months. We’ll see what the results are.

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