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4 Expert Recommended Truck Trailers For Your Business

Posted on the 06 November 2020 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer

4 Expert Recommended Truck Trailers For Your BusinessA trailer is used for carrying freights or goods properly. It comes with a number of features and characteristics. Depending on features and styles, car trailers are classified into different categories such as flatbed trailers, enclosed trailers, etc. In this blog, we are going to discuss 4 popular trailers. Let’s start the discussion below.
Flatbed trailer
The flatbed trailer is one of the recommended truck trailers widely used in several transportation industries. Flatbed trailers come with a number of features and advantages. This trailer is mainly used to load goods on its sides, tips as well as rear. It does not have any height limits. The maximum freight weight of this trailer is 48000 lbs.
Key specifications of a flatbed trailer
Max carrying capacity 48000 lbs
Flatbed trailer length: 48 ft to 53 ft (max)
Maximum trailer load width: 8.5 ft (legal)
Maximum trailer load height: 8.5 ft (legal)

5 car hauler
A 5 car hauler or 5 car trailer is specially manufactured for carrying 5 vehicles including sport cars, luxury cars & commercial vehicles. This is one type of flatbed trailer having hydraulic ramps & tandem duals. Nowadays, this car trailer is in great demand in Texas. Many car trailer manufacturers offer advanced 5 car hauler for sale. These open car trailers are available in different models.
Key specifications of 5 car trailers
Max trailer weight 13000 lbs
Overall length 53 ft
Top loading capacity 32 ft
Hydraulic brakes with tandem duals

Enclosed car trailers
Enclosed car trailers are also popular in the freight transportation industries. They are mainly used to ship goods that are sensitive to the environment. Another benefit of an enclosed trailer is that it protects the goods from all kinds of outside elements. However, this trailer has height restrictions.
Key specifications of enclosed trailers
Max freight weight: 42000 lbs – 45000 lbs
Max enclosed trailer length: 53 ft
Max enclosed width: 8.2ft
Max enclosed height: 8ft

Refrigerated trailer
A refrigerated trailer is a special type that comes with an advanced inbuilt refrigerator. This trailer is used for carrying temperature sensitive goods such as foods, vegetables, medicines, etc. This trailer comes with a number of features and characteristics.
Key specifications of refrigerated trailers
Maximum freight weight: 42,000 lbs to 45,000 lbs.
Max length of a refrigerated trailer: 48 ft to 53 ft
Max trailers width: 8.2 ft
Maximum trailers height: 8 ft

Trailers require some basic maintenance. When you are planning to buy a new trailer, consult with your trailer manufacturer for the trailer financing options.

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