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4 Benefits of Healthy Fat

By Beliteweight @BeLiteWeight

4 Benefits of Healthy Fat

Not all fats are trans-fat! Good fats that come from nuts, avocados, fish oils, etc are actually essential for the human body. Here are four reasons why:

Many studies have now shown that supplementing carbohydrates with unsaturated fat significantly reduces the rates of cardiovascular disease and improves the health of the heart overall!

While trans-fats are known to clog your arteries, healthy omega fats are actually proven to prevent hardening of your arteries. This means blood flow is more natural and longevity is improved!

Good Ol' Omega 3 Fat lowers inflammation within the body helping all types of functionality including mood stability and general circulation!

Weight Loss:
In general good fats are a great weight loss tool by helping make you feel full, but science suggests monounsaturated fats specifically prevents belly fat too!

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4 Benefits of Healthy Fat

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