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3D Snowflake Christmas Decoration

By Craftideas
3D Snowflake christmas decoration
With the holiday spirit all around us this weekend our Christmas tree is also up with some ornaments from past year and lights on.
Though it is not a festival that we celebrate religiously, we love the festivity of this festival. So every year it is becoming a tradition at our house that we put a Christmas tree and decorate them with beautiful handmade ornaments. We also love to make other beautiful christmas decorations all around the house. Now my soon to be 4 year old daughter is adding to the enthusiasm of making the ornament.Her demand is we make one ornament everyday till December 24th. Let us see if we can fulfill her wish. With the holiday orders keeping us busy at our little shop Navanka Creations, will try to keep her spirits up. Even if I am not able to post it at the blog everyday, we will keep making it and will definitely share them with you. .There are some popular Christmas decorations and crafts that are still loved by all. We will share with all our readers what we love in particular. Sometimes it is not know who has made it originally but if find something interesting and worth learning we will share it with you with all the relevant details. You are also welcome to share any particular craft you like. You can leave the link in the comments or send us an email at [email protected]
This is a six point star or snowflake as some prefer to say it.
We have used double color origami paper to get a better effect.
You can also use single color or metallic origami paper to do the same.
We have used 5 inch squares of origami paper.
Supplies needed:
6 square sheets of origami paper
Double sided tape
Fish line
This is a very popular craft and I have known this from long. I guess I read it in some craft book a while back. However, for you I found this videoby kongo204 which shows it beautifully (I love the holiday music too in this video). Click here to watch
Hope you had fun making it.
Happy Holidays everyone.
1. You can make it in a smaller size or bigger size depending on the size of the paper you have or your need. Smaller stars make cute ornaments.
2. You can follow the steps for just one piece of paper and make that in a smaller size to make an ornament. They look cute too.
3. Make it all white or silver for it to be a Snowflake.

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