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3D Printing Shifts into High Gear

Posted on the 09 January 2017 by Cars4usa @cars4usa1
3D printing shifts into high gear Standard (I've been sick this last week, so my apologies for not posting. I've got a chest infection and I'm on antibiotics, but I'm doing a lot better now that I'm not trying to cough up a lung!)

Now I'm a little late to be writing about this one, but have you seen the Divergent Blade, the 3D printed super car? Sure it's a lot smaller than most supercars, from what I can tell it's only got a driver's seat and no passengers will fit. But it can go from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds and it's got 700 horsepower under its hood. If that's not a super car, I don't know what is.

3D printing shifts into high gear

You've got to love an automaker who has the confidence to paint their car pink. This isn't a typical, bubblegum or Barbie pink. It's more of a metallic red-purple and it's so reflective I can almost see myself from here. I do think a lot of people would simply call it pink. Most guys would probably prefer it in the silver, as seen below. It does look amazing in the pink though. Maybe in a green or an orange instead?

3D printing shifts into high gear

With 3-D printing becoming cheaper and cheaper, the typical American household can afford to own their very own 3-D printer if they wanted. On the low end of the spectrum they run a bit under $400. I'm not sure how many useful items you could print from it, but you could own one. You just have to have the knowledge to use the thing or to create designs or schematics for it.

Just think about it. There will be a time in the future when you could print and build your own car! Whether or not you'd want to is a whole other story. Bear in mind that 3D printed auto parts are becoming more and more run of the mill right now. Did you know that Rolls Royce uses more than 10,000 3D printed parts in the Phantom alone? Volkswagen is well known as an early adopter of 3D printed auto parts, better known as additive manufacturing technologies. They've been using these technologies for over 25 years. link.

3D printing shifts into high gear

And scientists are doing and working towards some amazing things with 3-D printing, including printing human tissue. They aren't able to create complex organs like a heart or a kidney, but that is where they are headed. I wonder which would take less time to 3D print, a heart or a carburetor? Then again, the heart would be all one piece and a carburetor isn't.

And back around to Divergent. They debuted a 3D printed motorcycle at the LA Autoshow last November. They call it, the Dagger. Same semi-futuristic design as the Blade, it looks straight out of iRobot or even a video game. But I haven't seen any engine details or it's speed. Do you think Divergent is into bladed hand weapons for the product names? What's next, maybe a Kris, Katar or Cestus, maybe?

3D printing shifts into high gear

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