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30 Things Series #1: 20 Random Facts About Myself

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
As part of the 30 Things My Son Should Know About Me series, I give you the first post - 20 random facts about myself.
1. Sometimes, if I have a gnarly boog and you're still latched on but asleep (read: I cannot move), I'll pick and flick. That's right, I started with a grody one.
2. I believe I could live on cheese and bread only.
3. I sometimes look at those little shoes on the shoe rack and just melt, because there was a time not too long ago when I never thought I'd see such things in my home.
4. Fuck is my favorite swear word.
5. I can touch my tongue to my nose. I practiced long and hard to attain that skill. When I'll ever need it, no one knows.
6. I don't miss Zen Parenting on Facebook.
7. I've given away a few of your books that I especially loathed reading. There was nothing wrong with them, I just didn't like them. Sorry.
8. I can make a mean dinner, but I suck at making breakfast.
9. I wish I didn't have as bad a temper as I do. I'm working on it, but probably not enough.
10. I worry. Often. About too many things to list.
11. In regards to #10, I'm sorry, in advance, that you have to carry the load of caring for us in our old age all on your own. Siblings would've made this much easier.
12. I started running, loved it, got injured, cried because I feared I'd lose my motivation and, yup, sure's gone. I'm actively searching.
13. I brush your teeth more often than I brush mine.
14. I know I'm not the best I could be and I'm so sorry.
15. One of my favorite things is doing chores with you.
16. I often feel guilty, because now that I have you, I'm not as good an aunt as I used to be. I wouldn't change anything with you, but I wish we could be closer to your cousins.
17. I just noticed how often I feel guilty about myriad things. Huh...
18. Tired + PMS + hungry = Lucifer-mama
19. I have no very few real friends.
20. My heart grew three sizes the day you were born.
There you have it. Post one. Check! And now you know...
30 Things Series #1: 20 Random Facts About Myself

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