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30 Days Recap : February 2013

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround


I don’t know about you, but this year already feels moving very quickly. So many changes in life lately that it bothered my blogging frequency. February is usually my favorite month (along with my birthday), but I have experienced some ups and downs for this year. I don’t think blogging as a race anymore, but more of something I enjoy to do (as should’ve!).  I felt I still watched some movies, new one, even before the Oscars. Last one I watched before the big night was Flight, and I thought it was decent.

In the blogging world, LAMMY (the annual LAMB movie blog award) has started. I really don’t want to miss this one, but I tend to forget things easily these days. Like last year, we could nominate other bloggers and let them know too. They already started in the LAMB forum (I hope I can join soon).

Anyways, here’s the mini reviews on the movies I saw first time in February 2013 :

Upside Down (2012)

 photo UpsideDown_zps276121c5.jpg
I tell you what I love about this film, is seeing pretty guy Jim Sturgess in a romantic comedy again. Last time I see him was in The Way Back, where I thought it was a good change for him and in One Day, where he played with the-horrible-English-accent but recently-won-Best-Supporting-Actress, Anne Hathaway. I also love seeing Kiki again, though playing Eden in the movie is such a mediocre role for her. I thought Sturgess looked younger than Dunst, but actually Sturgess was older (!). Upside Down was a romantic film, but the fantasy part felt less believable. I do realize there’s something missing in the sound effects part, since the movie felt deserted. But I still love the romantic part.

3,5 Stars

Dancer in The Dark (2000)

 photo dancerdark_zpse2b491c5.jpg
Never seen a musical like this, combined with crime and drama, and Björk’s one and only remarkable performance, made it very authentic. It’s a genius and conceptual work, of using sufficient camera and a little more contrast quality on the musical part. Also with the haunting ending. Overall, the movie was remarkable and memorable. I do love this one more than Melancholia.

4,5 Stars | Recommended

Django Unchained (2012)

 photo Django-Unchained-Tarantino_zpscf375acb.jpg
Congrats for this movie for Best Original Screenplay at the 85th Oscars! I enjoyed the movie, but Tarantino films are too violent for my taste. I love the connection between the cinematography, the music (that I’ve featured this month), the graphics and the theme. Christoph Waltz stole the show, have a strong connection. Great choice for Jamie Foxx as Django, I loved his attitude. I wished it didn’t last 2,5 hours long. Very stylish as well. Nothing surprising for Dicaprio, he always on his range.

3,5 Stars

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

 photo wreck-it-ralph1_zps0ed6255b.jpg
Before games era become so approachable in gadgets, we experienced those games box phases. I love how Wreck-It Ralph emphasize the era. I have no reason to hate it, with the amazing 3D visuals and games world references, adorable characters and a deep story about loving yourself. I recognized two voice characters, Jane Lynch as Calhoun and Jack MacBrayer as Felix. Those two voices were unique and recognizable, if you fond of the show Glee and 30 Rock. I must say, excellent casting! I know Brave won for Best Animated Feature, but I love this one more.

4 Stars | Recommended

Flight (2012)

 photo flight_zps1f3d55fd.jpg
A character study about a pilot who might have a skillful talent flying a plane, but an alcoholic on denial. Denzel Washington was masterful as the lead, no doubt. And Don Cheadle as a painstaking lawyer was excellent. A life changing story like this might be a regular for an Oscar nom, but always moved me. Great story.

4 Stars | Recommended

Short Movies

I went on watching a bunch of short films recommended by other bloggers. They were pretty much a treat.

 photo validation_zps06ac9262.jpg

Paperman (2012) | 4 Stars (Recommended) : What’s not to like? I adore Paperman. Sweet, personal and romantic film.

Validation (2007) | 4 Stars (Recommended) : Loved the idea on someone’s talent to give people a smile. Something we kind of lost and missed these days in society. Quite encouraging. Wished the ending isn’t too fabled.

Head Over Heels (2012) | 3,5 Stars (Recommended) : Though very sweet upfront, it didn’t give much explanation why it happened in the end. I think it only captured harsh reality.

I’ll Wait For The Next One (J’Attendrai Le Suivant) (2002) | 3,5 Stars : Though very sweet upfront, it didn’t give much explanation why it happened in the end. I think it only captured harsh reality.

The Ring(s) (2013) | 3,5 Stars (Recommended) : A blogger friend made this Indonesian short film for Valentine. Quite delicate and romantic, but I guess it could be a story for everyone.

Re-watch for entertainment, love and blogging purpose :

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

I’m Here (2010)

The Cart (2009)

So, best movie I saw this month :

Dancer in The Dark (2000)

 photo Dancer-In-The-Dark_zps5ecc772e.jpg

Runner up : Flight (2012) and Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Check out also my review of The Sessions (2012), a collection of romantic short movies for Valentine and fashion post about the movie My Week With Marilyn (2011)


 Readers, any thoughts? What is the best thing about February for you?

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