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30 Days Recap : April 2014

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

30 days recap banner_560pxApril started really slow. Almost thought I can’t post much in monthly recap. But, as it turns out April have sweet taste. As you know the blog’s turning 4 this month, in the 8th of April to be exact. I don’t know what to say, but I hope I’ll still get more inspiration from films. Though it’s a challenge, because the more you see films, the more less you get wowed by it.

I’m thankful because seeing my Blindspot films has helped me greater films in the classics (Thanks, Ryan from The Matinee!). Of course, I need to say thanks to you loyal readers, you know who you are. The blog have its up and downs, and maybe you could be bored reading this little blog, I’m not surprised. This is a blog and we write for free, so you can understand that sometimes we couldn’t have the energy. I admit, I get exhausted more lately and so I can’t keep up sometimes. Hopefully you can understand.

For the blog’s birthday, I gave a quiz and sent DVD giveaway for 3 lucky winners. I actually know them, but it’s only fair because they replied the quiz the quickest. I asked them to sent me their selfies, but it seems they are pretty shy, ahah. I hope you guys enjoy the DVDs. Here’s the screen capture from my phone when they just received the package :




Looks like I’m going to start the festival a little early. Today, I just found out that I get the Europe on Screen opening night ticket, because I wrote this post, which means I’ll get to see Philomena in a bigger screen tomorrow

Thank you, Flick Magazine and Europe on Screen! Yay
I’ll be writing the post soon. Now, who’s the best this month?

Top 3 in April :
 photo TOP3april_zps958bdcda.jpg

Who can beat Mr. Chaplin? Love stories doesn’t have to be all emotional and a tear jerker, it can be sweet enough. City Lights is a delight. I also loved Kon Tiki and Fish Tank, lighten up my day


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Moving on to other films I’ve watched this month :

Transcendence (2014)

 photo transcendence-stills_zpsb9a40e9b.jpeg


Labor Day (2013)

 photo labor-day-movie-photo-5_zps14aad019.jpg


Fish Tank (2009)

 photo fishtank_zps8ab27733.jpg


City Lights (1931)

 photo citylights_zps8a61f60f.jpg


Kon Tiki (2012) – Review Soon

 photo KON-TIKI_FIDO_WHALE_RAFT_zps39d60f23.jpg


Like Someone in Love (2012)

 photo LikeSomeoneInLove_zps493beb7d.jpg
From Italian setting starring European actors, the Japanese setting movie is Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s second feature film. The story centers on Akiko (Rin Takanashi), a seemingly innocent and vulnerable young woman with a high-end prostitute job. Akiko have a possessive boyfriend, Noriaki (Ryo Kase), who doesn’t know her profession. When her grandmother suddenly went to visit her, her boss insist her to accompany one man he highly respect. The man is an elderly former college professor, Takashi (Tadashi Okuno), who shows more father figure than a man with huge needs. When Takashi and Noriaki met each other, Akiko fears Noriaki knows her job and more importanly, faced Noriaki’s bad temper.

Like Someone in Love isn’t one of those movies with profound conclusion, but rather telling a situation, in this case Akiko’s controversial life, in almost just 24 hours. One could be blinded by her sweet and innocent looks, as Takashi. But once she goes to bed, she goes with innocent upbringing but provocatively. Also still thinks her as a sweet little girl, is her loving grandmother (only shown by her presence from far behind and her tender voice through the phone). The movie painfully and realistically explains the two world and two sides of Akiko, one that people expects her to be and the one she really is. One thing isn’t clear is Akiko’s real feelings to Noriaki, who clearly obsessed and dead serious to marry her. What clears is how young and careless her life choices are. A little disappointed with the hanging end, as if Kiarostami wants us to pick our own ending, but his direction and details were top notch.

Movie Score : 3,25 stars


The Internship (2013)

 photo the-internship-google-plug_zps1aa96a0d.jpg

If you have seen Wedding Crasher, you know that Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn makes a great comedian duo. In The Internship, the guys are fired from their job as a watch salesman. Nick (Owen Wilson) feels depressed because he had to take a job as a car salesman with his offensive brother in law as his boss. But then Billy (Vince Vaughn) convinced him to apply as an internship at the biggest company now, Google. As crazy as it sounds, skilled only with their sales ability, they apply and got in. The interns are in fact young, ruthless, tech-geek and competitive. But the guys still survive, even when they don’t know much about today’s technology and create a team work atmosphere when most groups are lack of.

Vaughn and Wilson acted together as if effortless, comfortable with each other. The Internship does have a lesson; that life is fair, making every human born with their own talents. And when you’re older than others, doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance. It was interesting to know the internship atmosphere in Google like in the movie and perhaps inspired lots of people to work there. Though it has a Hollywood cliche ending, The Internship was entertaining, silly but the challenges pretty rough.

Movie Score : 3,5 Stars

Rectoverso (2014)

 photo rectoverso_zps0be8cb9d.jpg
The major challenge to adapt a novel to a screenplay is to transfer the words to the visual language. Rectoverso was based on a novel with the same name, written by Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari, one of the best Indonesian young author I know. Even without reading Rectoverso, I know that the novel should be a bestseller for romance lovers. Like Paris, je t’aime and New York I Love You, Rectoverso is an anthology, a bundle of short stories but the effect surely deep. Rectoverso was directed by several popular local actresses (appeared as cameo in one of the stories), so considering its their debut, it’s a breakthrough. But to create such magic as romance and chemistry, sometimes even the best director couldn’t nail it.

Rectoverso copies New York, I Love You, where they combine all the unrelated small stories into one big movie. And like their former, it failed, especially on the logic of the time linear, whereas one-two stories only happen in one night, the other happened for days. A lot of the actors didn’t really have matching chemistry, though perform well. Also, lots of the visual language didn’t quite match the story/feelings, so it failed to bring the essence. When the songs really doing a great job to support the pain or emotional feelings, the actual story most of the time lack of urgency. Sometimes there’s too much sentimental and emotions, it almost feels like a sinetron (an Indonesian drama TV series, known for over emotional expressions) So, Rectoverso feels like one movie with big expectation to be a hit, but fail.

Movie Score : 2 stars


Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues (2013)

 photo anchorman_zps499865fb.jpg

After being introduced by Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and the gang (Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner) in the first edition, watching the sequel was less annoying. I think it’s crucial that you are not too serious and over 20 years old to watch this. The story is quite interesting as Burgundy is fired as a news anchor, and his wife got promoted instead. Ron reached a low point as a host in a dolphin show. But then one guy offered him a job as a news anchor in a 24-hour news channel. Ron approached his old news team back, each of them has worked in another career. But things aren’t as easy as he thinks, especially when his wife already have another lover.

Anchorman 2 was laugh-out-loud funny, but again you mustn’t be too rigid and must be an adult to watch this. The story is better than before, and it has less offensive jokes on women. Starred by a lot of popular actors, giving their own color, though they don’t appear much. The star was still Will Ferrell and the gang. Interesting new role as villain, the dreamy James Marsden. Overall, I was quite entertained with silliness and sometimes quite foolish thing they do. You’ll be surprised with lots of big stars as cameo, especially in the fighting scene in the climax part.

Movie Score : 3,5 Stars

Rewatch :

 photo before-cdac_zps1b8c51d9.jpg

Rayya, Cahaya di Atas Cahaya (2012), Frances Ha (2013) & Before Sunrise (1995)



Heading to May, I am anticipating Amazing Spider-Man 2 and EoS. What about you? Have you seen these films? What’s the best movie you’ve seen last month?


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