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30 Day Pledge - Update.

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
So I'm over half way through my 30 day pledge. I've had some hiccups and have purchased a few things. But I can justify all of them and haven't spent a quarter of the amount of money I usually have.
So what have I bought? I bought a pair of heeled ankle boots for £14.99 from a shop I've never heard of at Westfield Stratford as they were half price for one day only! I also bought a vintage dress for £1, a cute pink scalloped edged jacket for £1 a black velvet maxi skirt for £1 and a vintage head scarf for 30p. So my total spending on clothes since 21st October is £18.29 which I think is really good for me considering before I wouldn't have blinked an eye at spending £200 in one day (though I did have the bank balance to back it up!).
I will also be honest and say that after I've finished my roasted hazelnut mocha in Costa, I'm going to trot over to Primark to buy a leopard print skirt I've seen for £10 as I really want it for my interview tonight. Oh I have an interview by the way! Cross your fingers, legs and eyes for me!
Daniel has also bought me a few things, but I can justify that with the fact it's not my money!! He bought me a fluro pink jumper and a black jumper with pearls on both from Primark. He also bought me a vintage pair of brogues and a vintage pair of yellow heels - THEY'RE AMAZING!
Overall, so far I think I've done really well. How do you think I've done? Do you think I've failed my challenge so far? Am I lying to myself with my justifications? Have your say and let me know in the comments!
"believe in yourself"

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