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30 Day Pledge - Finally Over!

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
So, yesterday was the last day of my 30 day pledge of not buying any clothes, shoes are accessories and its safe to say I failed. In 30 days I spent £43.28 on clothes and shoes, which I think is amazing for me, but still the whole point was not to buy anything. The good thing is, is that I've learnt a lot.I've learnt that I can find something to wear without buying something new. I've learnt that I don't really like a lot of stuff in my wardrobe and will be adding it bit by bit to my already huge eBay pile. I've learnt that there are very few things in my wardrobe that fit well, some things are a tad too small and I have a lot of stuff that is too big (I have a habit of buying stuff I like from charity shops in larger sizes and hoping putting a belt round it will be it look fine!). I've learnt that I have loads of trousers, jeans, shorts and skirts but very few tops to go with them. I also have a whole drawer on camisole vests!I really wish I had a capsule wardrobe so that everything can be intermixed but I'm not strict enough to get rid of stuff. Maybe I need to give Gok Wan a call. I have some many items that I use to love, but no longer wear and because of that reason I can't throw it away. There is always a niggle in my mind that I will regret selling/donating my clothes so I'm really lazy about doing it, but then I want the money to buy new better clothes. Its a catch 22 situation!I will now keep my '30 day pledge' in the back of my mind every time I go shopping, and hopefully one day (very soon) I will find the motivation to sell my clothes to make room and money for new ones.I'm going to set my self a new pledge now, and this one doesn't have a time limit on, and hopefully I shall try to live by it every time I go shopping for either clothes, shoes, books or make-up.I, Katy Scarlett, hereby pledge to now on think about what I'm buying. No longer will I buy things just because they are a £1. I shall try to the best of my ability to make sure all clothes fit very well. I will consider cost per wear on items. I would rather buy something for £20 and wear it ten times then buy something for £2 and never wear it. I shall be ruthless adding and removing from my wardrobe from here on out.Wish me luck!"believe in yourself"

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