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30 Day Pledge

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
I, Katy Scarlett, hereby pledge that from Friday 21st October until Saturday 19th November, I will not buy a single item of clothing.Items that are off limits from buying include:Clothing in any shape or form.Shoes.Bags.Jewellery.Accessories.I will also not purchase any make-up, face, body, or haircare products.The main reason I shop so much is I get bored of items so quickly, and begin a constant love-hate cycle or loving something, over wearing, becoming bored, then starting the same cycle with a new item. They say it takes 30 days to break a bad habit, so hopefully if I succeed in the challenge I've set myself, I will break my habit of over spending and over shopping.I've also had a ruthless clear out of my clothing, shoes, and accessories. Passed make-up onto family and friends, so I can actually see what I have now!During these 30 days I will be bringing you a series of DIY, hints, tips and tricks, on updating items I already own, so keep an eye out for those!Will you be setting yourself a 30 day challenge? Or will you just have a ruthless clear out and maybe update the items you have left? I'd love to hear from you!"believe in yourself"

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