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3 Ways Romance Can Improve Your Work Life

Posted on the 05 February 2016 by Jureklepic @jkcallas

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, expect to see more and more reminders of love all around you. It’s true that all of the pink, red, roses and pressure to buy boxes of chocolates can feel a little manufactured after a while; but the positive role that love, particularly romantic love, plays in our lives is well-documented.

Researchers have found that a positive love life can boost everything from mood to bone health, and that people in love are generally less likely to encounter depression.

A healthy love life extends beyond the personal realm, too, and can positively impact your career. Whether you punch a clock for a large corporation, or are a small business owner, romance can make you a better worker through:

Heightened happiness.

It’s a scientific fact that “love” and the intimacy that accompanies it can raise your spirits – even when you aren’t in the presence of that special someone. A more positive outlook on life can mean more innovation at work – also a proven fact. Endorphins, or “feel good” emotions, have a long-lasting impact that can be a real asset when you are working later on.

More energy.

Having purpose in life gives you a reason to wake up. For some people, their career alone gives them this drive. For others, especially with idealist personalities, purpose is reaffirmed by having another to live for (whether a romantic relationship, parenthood, or otherwise).

Sexual health advisor at the Sinclair Institute Lynn Brown Rosenberg, author of “My Sexual Awakening at 70,” confirms what seems obvious to those in loving relationships.

“If you’ve had great sex the night before, the next day you’re going to feel more powerful. Energized. Balanced. Wanted in a deeply personal way. Engaging in sexual intimacy can make us feel right with the world. We are less stressed and more able to be productive.”

Better sleep.

As already mentioned by Lynn Brown Rosenberg, a healthy romantic and intimate life will get you a better night’s rest. What exactly does that have to do with work? A lot more than you might think. The Centers for Disease Control report that insufficient sleep is a health epidemic in the U.S., leading to a host of health issues which relate directly to how well you perform on the job. On a small scale, if you aren’t rested your cognitive function will be slowed. On a larger scale, consistent lack of sleep can contribute to serious health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. The contentment found through a loving relationship will help you quite literally “sleep better at night” – strengthening your health and work productivity in the process.

So take some extra time with that special someone this month. Write it off as career development, if you must, and enjoy all the ways being in love can make you a better worker.

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