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3 Tips to Wear Print-on-print

By Trierton @MISC_blog

3 Tips to Wear Print-on-printfrom designer Dae Byn Lee

A couple of years ago, print-on-print was a fashion no-no, but I think I’m glad it’s already accepted now. I remember a couple of years ago when I just grabbed a shirt and shorts on my way to my friends and found out later that both pieces had large florals on them in a so not harmonious way. I was a walking flower vase and it wasn’t pretty.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of designers and bloggers do a P on P in their fashion posts and, for a newbie to dressing up like me, I am awed. It’s not easy to carry clashing colors but a lot of them can do it.3 Tips to Wear Print-on-printfrom
Hm, I’ve come up with a few pointers that may or may not be right :D·   Be wary of mixing textures and fabrics.The leather-accented denim jacket is divine but wear more than an accent and I think you’re headed for trouble.In the first photo above, the top and bottoms have different fabrics but both still complement each other with the bottoms serving as the neutral texture and the top being the centerpoint. The orange accent present in both pieces also helps.·   Find a common ground for your printsMay it be a color, color accent, image, or vibe, find something that can wrap up your look and not make it seem like you just grabbed whatever you could in your closet. In the second photo above, notice how the whole ensemble is in pastels with a similar shade of pink in all the pieces and black accents on the top and shoes. The flowers are small to medium in size and do not overwhelm the look.·   Carry the look with confidence.I think this is the most important and overrides pointers 1 and 2. Even if you’re wearing satin on corduroy in blood red and neon purple, as long as you think it’s beautiful, lift your head up and strut your stuff. Fashion is about expressing yourself and being who you are.There you go. Hope that helped!

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