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3 Things You Didn’t Know About GPS Tracking

Posted on the 08 June 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Sure, you’re aware GPS tracking can reduce your fuel costs, improve dispatching and routing, and so on and so forth, but there are other benefits you may have not thought of…


1. Proof Against False Claims

Often times, people will try to make a quick and easy dollar on your behalf simply because the name of your company is readily available to passersby on the road. Without a GPS tracking system, if someone accuses one of your drivers of a hit and run, or of running a stop sign prior to an accident, chances are you’ll have to pay a hefty settlement or traffic fine. However, with GPS tracking, like Ed O’Loughlin of Trane, Inc., you can simply run the Route Replay and have proof against false claims.

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2. Employee Safety

A business owner’s worst nightmare is when the safety or health of one of their employees’ is in jeopardy on the job. If an employee is in danger and is unresponsive, a GPS tracking system can point you to his location and possibly save a life. Sound extreme? Not to Straight Shot Express…

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3. Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance companies love the increase in safety of company vehicles and employees that a GPS tracking system provides. A lot of providers are now even offering discounts to companies with a fleet management system in place.

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