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3 New Monopoly Pieces We Would Have Rather Seen Than A Cat

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The Today Show revealed the latest Monopoly game piece today, set to replace the apparently unpopular iron. It’s a cat, but here are 3 pieces we would have rather seen the cat drag in.

1. McDonald’s St. James Place Monopoly piece. (Finally some of the repetitive pieces you’ve removed from cups and fries, piling up in your pocket, and clothes’ dryer will have a purpose!)

2. Ghost. (This piece would be invisible, but shake up how much rent your opponents could collect for each house on their properties once they become haunted.)

3. Donald Trump Hair Piece. (Monopoly is based on the streets and boardwalk of Atlantic City, so why not add this other well known AC Landmark? The piece can race across the board trying to sue Bill Maher for jokes, since it believes jokes about charity are now “binding contracts between the joker and the person who has nothing to do with the charity.”)

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