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3 Most Popular Myths About Mobile App Development

By Mark Henry

It’s been over 3 decades that mobile app development has been around. Mobile apps market has evolved tremendously ever since it was first introduced to the world. In fact, we have successfully entered the era where the integration of mobile apps and IOT can be connected to everything. Even though the mobile app development industry has gone so far but still there are some pre-conceived notions about it. For some reasons, a few of them could be justified maybe over a decade ago but now the rules have changed and the will to facilitate users with more convenience is at its peak.

So let’s discuss some of the most common myths about IOS and android app development;

IOS and Android Developers are paid the same

Not at all. This couldn’t have been true even a decade ago. There is not even a single chance of IOS and Android Developers’ pay scale to be at the same level. This doesn’t mean to devalue the Android Developers but it can better be justified with some facts. For obvious reasons, IOS developers are paid much higher than the Android Developers. There are multiple reasons for this;

The number of Androids Developers is much higher than that of iOS developers. Well honestly, there is a considerable yet much higher initial investment required for the one to be IOS developer as compared to learning Android Development. If you want to be an android developer, just need $400 PC, $100 Android Phone for testing and $25 lifetime developer account. Conversely, IOS developer needs $1000 Mac, $700 iPhone perhaps $1000 iPhone for testing and developer account that costs $99/yr. See the difference yourself.

Android and iOS Apps Take the Same Time to Develop

Completely False. Well, it’s not about which one of them takes more time as it all depends upon how the clients has briefed like what sort of app he need and how many revisions the app undergoes before going live. Then there is a debugging phase, testing and then finalization. Even sometimes, Android app takes more time to develop as compared to the iOS.

Since Google doesn’t really have strict developer guidelines, so that Android developer has much bigger ground top play as compared to the iOS developer. When it comes to iOS development, it has so many review guidelines that even if you finish the app before deadline, your app might get rejected multiple times before getting approved on the iOS platform.

Instant Release Once Done Development

If it was the case, there would have been nothing known as the quality assurance. Moreover, people also thing that once the app is uploaded on the store, it’s instantly available. This obviously is not true. Google can take about 2-3 hours to have your android app live on the store whereas the review time duration of Apple can go up to 1-2 days that’s not even predictable.

So these were the most popular myths about the mobile app development that are roaming around the mania for no reason. So make sure you ever come across these myths as these won’t do anything other than detracting your form your app development concerns.


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