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3 More Slogans For Montana, The State That Searches For “Wolves” On Google

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Last week we wrote about a study indicating that the term “wolves” was the most used search term on Google in the state of Montana in 2015.

As we also search for things on Google, we learned that Montana has nicknames like the “Treasure State” and “Land of the Shining Mountains.

Being in the business of helping promote states, we are offering, free of charge:

3 More Slogans For Montana

  1. Land of the Shining. That’s the movie where Jack Nicholson goes crazy and turns into a wolf, right? Oh, that movie was called ‘Wolf?’ ‘Okay Land of The Wolf’, it is.”
  2. Land of the Shining Mountains, and Mottos Written By Wolves Who Are Trying To Trick You To Look Up At Shiny Mountains, While They Eat Your Snow Tires.”*
  3. The Treasure-Your-Life-By-Not-Being-Distracted-By-Shiny-Mountains-And-Getting-Eaten-By-Wolves State”

*Leave it to wolves to ruin perfectly good snow tires, after a winter without snow made perfectly good snow tires a waste of money. With wolf teethmarks in those things, good luck returning them to Costco!

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